Warranty Deeds

Obermiller Inc. to Rosa Montalbo – Lots 1-4, Block 18 (v. 1,118, p. 618).

S&V Partnership aka S&V Texas General Partnership to Glenn Latta – James Reese Survey (v. 1,118, p. 759).

John L. Bland and Deborah L. Bland to Brian Meadors and Shannon Meadors – S.C. Robertson Survey (v. 1,118, p. 763).

Roy Henry and Ursula Henry to Joe Lewis Henry and Lenora Henry – James McLaughlin Survey (v. 1,118, p. 793).

Bac Home Loans Servicing LP fka Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development – Lot 8, Elm Ridges Estates (v. 1,118, p. 819).

Ira Richard Thrasher Sr. and Gloria Jean Thrasher, attorney-in-fact, to Betty Marylin Grisham Stork – Oak Creek Subdivision (v. 1,118, p. 885).

Dan Beason Revocable Living Trust (April 29, 1998) and Etta O. Beason Revocable Living Trust (April 29, 1998), William E. Beason, second successor trustee, to William E. Beason and Juanita F. Beason – 31.966 acres and 1.014 acres, Juan Jose Acosta 8 League Grant (v. 1,119, p. 31).

Dan Beason Revocable Living Trust (April 29, 1998) and Etta O. Beason Revocable Living Trust (April 29, 1998), William E. Beason, second successor trustee, to Melba Beason Turnbow – 31.966 acres, Juan Jose Acosta 8 League Grant (v. 1,119, p. 35).

Leonard Strickler to Richard W. Darst and Beth A. Darst – two tracts, James W. Harvey Survey A-101 (v. 1,119, p. 47).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

W. Burney Howell Trust and Violet S. Howell Trust to Stephen Gilland Goodrich III and Shana Goodrich – Lot 7, Block B, Section 2, Linwood Acres Section (v. 1,118, p. 852).

Barbara Smitherman and Barbara Smitherman-Hudson to John A. Anderle and Andrea Anderle – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38, Cameron (v. 1,118, p. 893).

Judy Ailene Beckhusen Prater et al to Christopher M. Marrs and Samantha A. Marrs – 2.83 acres, D.A. DePena Survey - 43 (v. 1,119, p. 1).

Jvann Properties LC, Jimmie Vann, president, to Jonathan Keith Galvan – Lot 5 and west 5 feet of Lot 6, Block 5, Terral Heights Addition (v. 1,119, p. 39).

Stanley Budnik, David Larry Hodges and Theresa Hodges to Virgil E. Wall and Heather Wall – 15 acres, John K. McLennan Survey A-249 (v. 1,119, p. 63).

Special Warranty Deeds

James Edward Adams Estate, Vivian Odell Adams, independent executrix, to Vivian Odell Adams heir – 6.293 acres, T.J. Chambers Survey A-6 (v. 1,119, p. 82).

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association – Tracts 9-10, Silver Springs Ranches (v. 1,119, p. 94).


Viola Sevcik to Cecilia Ann Sevcik Stuchly and Linda Marie Sevcik Knapek – Lots 4 and 6, Block 2, Westend Addition, Buckholts (v. 1,118, p. 662).

Deeds Without Warranty

County Judge Frank Summers et al to New Hope Missionary Baptist Church – Lots 18-20, Ann s. Williams Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,119, p. 85).

County Judge Frank Summers and Rockdale Independent School District, Milam County, trustee, to Gregory B. Cripps – 0.5 acre, Charles Cronea Survey A-120 (v. 1,119, p. 87).

Quitclaim Deed

Paul G. Wilson to Paul G. Wilson Family Trust U/A (Dec. 17, 2009), Paul G. Wilson, trustee – 274.75 acres (v. 1,119, p. 79).

Substitute Trustee Deed

Cynthia L. Estill, substitute trustee, Adam Anastasiades and Rhonda Anastasiades to Farmers Home Administration – see instrument (v. 1,118, p. 665).

Cemetery Deeds

City of Cameron to Patsy E. Perry – Section 2, Row 5, Lot 14, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,119, p. 73).

City of Cameron to Clifford Staton and Cheryl Staton – Section 5, Row 1, Lots 30-32, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,119, p. 75).

Gift Deeds

George R. Ducote and Bettye L. Ducote to Sarah Susan Saunders, Lawrence George Ducote and Pamela Gayle Hall – 0.89 acre (v. 1,118, p. 611).

Russell E. Cummings II and Dorothy Cummings to Lydia Drown – 2 acres, John Butler Survey (v. 1,118, p. 671).

Rodrigo Mancillas and Dora Mancillas to Rodrigo Mancillas Jr. – 1 acre (v. 1,118, p. 708).

Memorandum Lease

William Dean Knox and Eva M. Knox to Metropolitan Water Co. LP – 55 acres, James Shields Survey (v. 1,118, p. 821).


Phyllis C. Sides to Shirley Marie Claymore – Lots 1-2, Block 1, Smith Addition (v. 1,118, p. 648).

Probate Case Filed

Citizens National Bank applied for the Anne Talbert Roberts Estate – letters testamentary (PR10638).


Civil Cases Filed

Cameron ISD vs. Don Holland Roddam et al – tax case.

Cameron ISD vs. James Merryman et al – tax case.

Cameron ISD vs. Patricia Lynne Keith- John et al – tax case.

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