Parent urging support for Milano ISD teacher

Dear editor,

I recently found out the Milano ISD is trying to fire coach and math teacher Wendy King.

I was shocked to find that the reason was they didn’t like the way she taught or the way she coached.

Mrs. King has taught three of my four children, who all have different strengths, some in academic and some in athletics.

I have one child who excels at math and one child who struggles and she helped both of them reach their potential.

Here’s the proof. My child who struggles in math got a commended performance on TAKS math and my other child was in the 99 percentile on the PSAT’s.

Milano High School had an 89 percent TAKS passing rate in 2009, up from 80 percent in 2008. If Mrs. King were not a good teacher this wouldn’t have happened.

She has high, but not impossibly high standards and requires students to do the work and be thorough and doesn’t give out easy A’s.

If a student is struggling in her class, she will bend over backwards to help them understand the concept with lots of one on one help.

As a coach she is also demanding and has high standards, which is why the volleyball team does so well year after year.

She has encouraged my child who isn’t athletic and let her play when most coaches would have left her on the bench for the entire game. She has also pushed my athletic child to be better than she thought she could be.

If a student is working hard, she recognizes it, and if they aren’t, she will always point it out to them.

The other thing Wendy King has taught my children is to be good citizens and stand up for what they believe in. She has taught them that it isn’t okay to do something just because everyone else does.

From making P.E. students pick up trash around the campus so that they learn to take pride in their school, to having a heart to heart with a student who is having family problems she is always student focused.

The very idea that she isn’t is ridiculous.

Now, the administrators have changed their tune and have decided that she must change the way she teaches math by learning the C-SCOPE math curriculum by the end of the year or she will be fired for not complying.

She is the only teacher on all three campuses who is being required to take this course.

The problem with this is, if you look at the C-SCOPE website you will see that “C-SCOPE is intended to vertically align math curriculum from K-12 and eliminate gaps from year to year”.

If only one teacher in the entire district switches to the program, it’s useless.

On further investigation on teacher websites such as proteacher. I found that all but one teacher had a strong dislike for the program and pointed out that it did not teach sequentially, but jumped around from area to area with no time to reteach if students struggled in any area.

The one teacher who had a positive comment merely said “it was okay”.

If you are a student, a former student or parent who knows what a great teacher and coach Wendy King is, please come to the MISD school board meeting, 7:30 p.m., March 30 and support her.

Don’t assume someone else will go and stand up for you. It takes every one of us to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Leah Thomason

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