Flying a kite brings joy, some hurt

I did something over the weekend I hadn’t done in a kite. (OK Mike Brown...stop laughing.) With beautiful weather over the weekend and my two young children having cabin fever from this long, cold, drizzly winter I decided to buy some kites while out shopping on Saturday to use Sunday afternoon if the weather permitted.

After church on Sunday my kids were ready to go play outside and so were hubby Buck and I. With a bit of a breeze and bright sunshine I pieced together our $1 kites–a Dora kite for Hannah, Spiderman for Bradley and one with stars and stripes for my big kid soldier boy.

We had so much fun, but it didn’t come without injuries and a little frustration. The Dora kite got some good wind and was a good three stories high in the air. We don’t have very many tall trees in our yard, actually we just have two–one by the road and one that separates our yard from our neighbors, who also happens to be our landlord.

Bradley’s Spiderman kite was having some issues getting air time so the hubby was busy working on it. Hannah was so super excited about the kite that she wanted to hold the string, not the little plastic piece with the extra string on it, but the actual string. Of course, that caused Dora to almost crash a few times, but eventually Hannah left it alone.

The little cutie finally decided after she was bored from playing in the dirt that she wanted to hold the plastic piece with the string on it. I figured what could it hurt. Come to find out it could hurt...hurt Buck actually.

In her excitement, Hannah let go of the string contraption and so went the string and kite, so we thought. Remember that tree that separates the yards, the thick crepe myrtle tree. The plastic string holder thing (I have no idea what it’s actual name is) got hung on the very top branch of this very thick with branches tree. It was then, with the wind blowing and his daughter crying, Buck went into full Daddy-mode.

He dropped poor Bradley’s kite that still didn’t work right and tried to shimmy up that tree as best he could. Now hubby is only 5-6 and the tree had a good five feet on him. Still, he tried with all his might to reach his princess’s kite string. It was a sight to see and after about five minutes, God (and myself) stopped laughing at him and the wind stopped blowing, causing the kite to crash on top of the landlord’s house and part of the kite string to fall on the ground.

The kite wasn’t damaged, but Buck’s arms were. He had on a short sleeve shirt and came down out of that tree with burning cuts on his arms. The pain didn’t matter, only that Hannah and her kite were all fine thanks to her Daddy.

All cuts aside, spending the afternoon with my children brought much joy and I can’t wait until spring decides to stick around for more than a day and we can fly a few more kites.


It is hard to believe that Miss Hannah will turn two on Friday, March 19. The last couple of years have just flown by and I am really wanting to slow things down.

A few weeks ago I had a couple of “mommy moments” as we signed four-year-old son Bradley up for Pre-Kindergarten. My once little “Boog” who needed me for everything will start school in August–a hard pill for me to swallow.

I teared up when Buck and I loaded him up to take him to Milano Elementary for the registration round-up. He was super excited. He met the teacher, Mrs. Neva Caffey, and got to see some other parts of the school. Then, the really teary moment came. Mrs. Caffey handed me his supply list. I held it in as best as I could. Such a big boy now, but always Mommy’s sweet boy.

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