‘I can still taste Mr. Mundine’s lemonade’

This is the first in a series on Milam County cemeteries.

The Milam County Genealogical Society has a section of the Lucy Hill Patterson Library in Rockdale that is a great research area for those wanting to know more about their ancestral backgrounds.

Beginning with research and documentation provided by Perry & Bonnie Belle Holder, their daughter Norrine Holman picked up where her father left off.

She completed two volumes of “170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas”, published in 2001.

There are 235 cemeteries with 28 of them outside Milam County, just inside the boundary of adjacent counties.

When researching your ancestors, one must remember Milam County is unique. All or parts of 30-plus counties were carved from it between 1838 and 1850.

A short history of each cemetery, with location and tombstone information is listed in an easy to follow format.

What a legacy to leave a county. Check out the library resources and see how the pages are worn from people fingering through them.

Before, this research was done, families who grew up or lived nearby were drawn to the cemeteries by annual homecomings, or cemetery workings.

On a personal side, in the mid 1940’s, our family attended the Pleasant Hill homecoming.

Two weeks before the homecoming, there was a day set aside to clean the cemetery. Both occasions were fun to attend.

As a child, even without indoor bathrooms or air conditioning, we picked up a rake or a hoe and worked to make ready the cemetery for the upcoming homecoming.

Families gathered vegetables from their gardens, and every lady who came was known for a favorite dish.

Pleasant Hill had a man who lived close by the cemetery named Bennie Mundine.

He had an oak 55-gallon barrel filled with homemade lemonade that was cooled w ith a large chunk of ice.

What a memory, I can still taste it.

How many times have you ever heard the phrase, “make memories, they last forever.”

And, how many times have you asked yourself, “why didn’t I ask more questions of my parents and grandparents?”

Make memories by jotting down special happenings in your life; who knows how much they might mean to upcoming generations.

Research: “170 Years of Milam County Cemetery Records, 2001 Norrine Holman.”

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