Thorndale residents also ‘lost’ to 911 system

Dear editor,

I can identify with Joe and Karen Clark who went to the county commissioners to talk about the trouble emergency personnel had in finding their home.

On two occasions, when I called 911, neither the ambulance nor the fire department was able to find my home.

The people who tried to find my home were confused.

When the drivers were told my name, there was no problem getting to me.

But the address assigned to me by either Milam County or the city of Thorndale, does not clearly define the location of my home.

I do not live in the city limits of Thorndale, but am just on the edge of the city.

So this may or may not be a county problem.

Years ago, I asked for a new address that indicated a “private road” address, but was told ,at that time, that Milam County did not use such designations for road or streets.

That may have changed. In the meantime, if my husband has an emergency with his heart, I will be taking him directly to the hospital because I do not have confidence in the 911 system.

Many thanks to the people who give their time to be first responders. I understand their problems.

Eileen Schneider

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