Livestock show Home Ec contest draws 124 entries

A total of 124 entries were judged on Friday, March 26 during the Milam County Junior Livestock Show Home Economics Show. Congratulations to all of the participants.

Here are the results:


Artistic Arrangement: Grand Champion, Gabriel Ramthun

Collection: Grand Champion, Kevin Junek; Reserve Champion, Gabriel Ramthun

Creative Arts: Grand Champion, Addie Reisner; Reserve Champion, Wyatt Smith; 3rd, Seth Snowden; 4th, Kassidy Hundle

Display: Grand Champion, Kassidy Hundle

Drawing: Grand and Reserve Champion, Hunter Hux

Food: Grand Champion, Gabriel Ramthun and Corbin Preusse; Reserve Champion, Kassidy Hundle (2); 3rd, Addie Reisner and Hunter Hux; 4th, Rebecca Kostroun and Kevin Junek; 5th, Addie Reisner and Kassidy Hundle; 6th, Victoria Smith

Painting: Grand and Reserve Champions -Rebecca Kostroun ; 3rd, Ryland Kirk; 4th, Kyrene Jackson; 5th, Cinch Pilkey; 6th, Abbigail Miller; 7th, Rebecca Kostroun

Photography: Grand Champion, Audra Magre; Reserve Champion, Hunter Hux; 3rd, Kyrene Jackson; 4th, Kevin Junek; 5th, Hunter Hux; 6th, Hunter Hux; 7th, Kassidy Hundle

Wood/Metal Craft: Grand Champion, Corbin Preusse; Reser ve Champion, Kevin Junek


Artistic Arrangement: Grand Champion, Dylan Weeks

Clothing: Grand Champion, Hannah Hux

Collection/Display: Grand Champion, Emily Graham; Reserve Champion, Alexis Magre; 3rd, Nikolas Keratsopoulos

Creative Arts: Grand Champion, Jeni Schoppe; Reserve Champion, Patrick Dean

Drawing: Grand Champion, Patrick Dean; Reserve Champion, Kaylee Jackson; 3rd, Alexis Magre; 4th, Calla Vinton; 5th, Jared Lagrone; 6th, Austin Alcon

Food: Grand Champion, Emily Graham; Reserve Champion, Hannah Hux; 3rd, Faith Taylor; 4th, Hannah Hux; 5th, Nikolas Keratsopoulos; 6th, Hannah Hux; 7th, Dylan Weeks; 8th, Corey Preusse

Painting: Grand Champion, Cameron Cooper; Reserve Champion, Taylor Todd; 3rd, Jaxon Hayles; 4th, Clay Sheppard; 5th, Ryan Blakely; 6th, Seth Vinton; 7th, Kendall Lee

Photography: Grand Champion, Faith Taylor; Reserve Champion, Hannah Hux; 3rd, Alexis Magre; 4th, Kaylee Jackson; 5th, Jeni Schoppe; 6th, Hannah Hux; 7th, Hannah Hux; 8th, Hannah Hux; 9th, Hannah Hux; 10th, Patrick Dean; Participation, Hannah Hux (4), Nikolas Keratsopoulos, Faith Taylor

Scrapbooking: Grand Champion, Dylan Weeks

Wood/Metal Craft: Grand Champion, Corey Preusse


Drawing : Grand Champion, Lydia Snowden; Reser ve Champion, Holly Kornegay; 3rd, Larry King, Jr.; 4th, Justin Blakely

Food: Grand Champion, Lindsey Longoria; Reserve Champion, Collin Kostroun; 3rd, Lindsey Longoria; 4th, Lindsey Longoria; 5th, Nicole Keratsopoulos

Painting : Grand Champion, Cody Schoppe; Reserve Champion, Cole Sheppard; 3rd, Miranda Oldham

Photography: Grand Champion, Austin Mueck; Reserve Champion, Brenna Lanford; 3rd, Lindsey Longoria; 4th, Anna Snowden; 5th, Brenna Lanford; 6th, Austin Mueck; 7th, Brenna Lanford; 8th, Brenna Lanford; 9th, Brenna Lanford; 10th, Austin Mueck; Participation, LindseyLongoria, Nicole Keratsopoulos, Austin Mueck

Wood/Metal Craft: Grand Champion, Austin Mueck; Reserve Champion, Cody Schoppe


Artistic Arrangement: Grand Champion, Natasha Ramthun

Creative Arts: Grand Champion, William Dean

Drawing: Grand Champion, William Dean; Reserve Champion, Alyssa Kornegay; 3rd, Natasha Ramthun

Food: Grand Champion, Kevin Crouch; Reserve Champion, Kevin Crouch; 3rd, Natasha Ramthun; 4th, Madeline Kostroun; 5th, Jarrett Beckhusen; 6th, Tyler Vrazel; 7th, Jarrett Beckhusen

Photography: Grand Champion, Luke Snowden; Reserve Champion, Benjamin Snowden; 3rd, Tyler Vrazel; 4th -William Dean

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