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It’s a mess; that’s why sales tax elections deserve voter support
Rockdale is having several combined sales tax elections May 8, with early voting beginning on Monday.

Why? Because the current sales tax situation is a mess. It’s nobody’s fault, certainly wasn’t planned that way but that doesn’t make it any less of a mess.

Different sales taxes are being collected by different entities in different areas of the city and its surrounding extra-territorial jurisdiction.

The May 8 election is proposed to bring them together under one new Municipal Development District (MDD). That’s the only acronym which will be used in this editorial. Promise.

Everyone won’t have the same ballot. Different sections of the Rockdale area will vote on different proposals—told you it was a mess—but “yes” votes on all the questions will bring those sales tax collections under one entity.

Here’s an important fact to remember.

Nothing in this election can increase the total sales tax being collected in Rockdale.

And that’s no matter how the vote goes. The combined sales taxes being collected here are already at the maximum allowed by state law. That can’t go up.

Yes, it’s true there is a scenario in which the sales tax could go down for some, if voters in the old (1994) city limits okay abolition of the hospital sales tax and the new municipal development district is not created.

But, remember, the hospital district is voluntarily surrendering that sales tax specifically so it can generate critical funds for Rockdale economic development.

This election is the mechanism to make that happen.

See the story on page 1A for the nuts and bolts of all the entities, the proposals and what they mean.

But the bottom line is this.

On whichever ballot you get, and however many proposals you see, the way to end the mess, mess, mess is to vote yes, yes, yes.—M.B.

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