Appraisal notices in the mail; protest deadline ahead June 2

The Milam County Appraisal District (MCAD) mailed letters to most owners of real property in Milam County on Monday, according to Chief Appraiser Pat Moraw.

Letters show 2010 appraised values.

“Notices of value for property located in the city of Cameron have been delayed,” she said.

Moraw said field inspection of properties in the 2010 field cycle was delayed by the excessive number of rain days.

Those notices will be mailed May 24, she said.

Business property notices will be mailed Monday, she said.

“These are notices of appraised value and are not tax bills,” said.

Protest deadline

Moraw emphasized the importance of the letter and key information it contains.

“Property owners are encouraged to come to the appraisal district and review any questions they might have,” she said. “Many disagreements can be resolved at this level.”

Public hours for the appraisal district are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 3 through July 20.

Deadline to protest appraisals is June 2.

“Owners can still review their property with the MCAD staff, after the protest deadline, up until the appraisal records are certified.

Property owner rights

“MCAD appraises every property annually but district appraisers do not inspect each property in person every year,” she said.

Moraw said all property in the Milano and Cameron ISDs and part of the Rosebud-Lott ISD were inspected for the 2010 appraisal year.

“A property owner has the right to file a protest with the appraisal district on any disagreement with the property’s value, exemptions, ownership and other areas,” she said.

The notices include instructions on how and when to field a protest and protest form.

What should a property owner review.

“Look more at the proposed value than the estimated tax for 2010,” she said. “The letter not only states the land’s value and any improvement (building) value for the property for the current year, but also includes current year information on exemptions and ag valuation granted on the property.”

Tax estimates

She said the 2010 notice will include a comparable of the current year notice value to the certified value for the five prior years.

“The comparable does no consider improvements that may have been added, or parcels that have been combined or split,” she said.

“To get a true comparable of value, the property must be compared to the property as it was five years ago,” Moraw said.

Letters to property owners also include “estimated taxes.”

“These figures are based on the new taxable values and last year’s rates,” she said.

Taxing units will set 2010 rates in August and September.

“Final tax amounts usually vary from the estimated amounts,” she said. “The MCAD does not set tax rates. Questions concerning rates should be addressed to the tax units during their public hearings.”


Moraw asked property owners to check the legal description and mailing address to be sure there are no mistakes.

“If a letter has an old address, please provide a current one to the appraisal district in writing,” she said. “The post office forwards mail to a new address only for a short time and tax bills don’t go out until October,” she said.

“A property owner is responsible for informing the appraisal district of the correct mailing address and is liable for additional penalties and interest on a tax bill that is not paid on time,” Moraw said.

“If you don’t get a letter and want 2010 information about your property, you may request one by calling the MCAD at 1- 254-697-6638 or, toll-free, at 1-800-772-4457.

Property information can also be accessed at www.trueautomation. com.

She provided a checklist for the letter of appraised value:

• Check current owner name and mailing address.

• Review the property’s legal description for any error.

• Check if correct exemption or ag valuation has been granted; if not, apply with appraisal district.

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