Schools ‘drop the ball’ on child harassment

Dear editor,

When are the schools going to step up and admit they are dropping the ball when it comes to the watching out for and dealing with the issue of child harassment and taunting?

How many more of our young people do we have to lose to suicide before the issue is addressed and the children who are harassing other children made to see what the possible consequences might be for their intolerable behavior?

So many families and other school children’s lives have been so adversely affected by these actions that are seemingly escalating at an alarming rate, not only here in Rockdale but nationwide.

If school personnel, parents and the community as a whole are not ever alert to this problem, and stop it, more young lives are likely to be taken.

No more can turning a deaf ear or ignoring the problem be tolerated.

As a very concerned citizen, I ask that the school, churches and other organizations set up and execute mentoring and counseling to make others aware of this.

We, as a community, have to take a united stand and do our best to help these children and show them we care.

They certainly are not getting the help they need at the school level.

Darlene Applegate 2452 CR 305 Rockdale

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