Warranty Deeds

Scott Jacob Vivian and Renee L. Vivian, agent and attorney-in-fact, to Brenda Gail Parks – Lots 1-4 and part of Lot 5, Block 6, Hillyer-Stokes Addition (v. 1,123, p. 699).

Pamela Ranelle Neatherlin-Smith to Martin Santana – 0.271 acre, Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,123, p. 771).

Jane M. Ribble to Arthur Mays and Mae E. Mays – 0.16 acre, Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,123, p. 880).

Brian Dawson and Twalla Dawson to David Fillmore – lot, W.W. Lewis League, Cameron (v. 1,124, p. 62).

Tommy Vasquez and Teresa Vasquez to Evodio Llanas and Norma Llanas – 0.831 acre, J.J. Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,124, p. 64).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Pamela K. Culver fka Pamela K. Jordan to Rober t M. Br uscato and Connie C. Bruscato – 18.743 acres and 1 acre, James A. Prewitt Survey, and non-exclusive access easement (v. 1,123, p. 704).

Dennis Julian Walker and Kelly Ann Walker, as agent, attorney-in-fact and individually, to Gregory C. Weghorst and Sherri L. Weghorst – 30 acres, B.R. Thompson Survey (v. 1,123, p. 760).

L a tisha R. Manella and Troy E. Manella to Charles Olbrich and Peggy Jo Olbrich – 7.524 acres, Jose Justo Liendo 4 League Grant (v. 1,123, p. 775).

Arthur L. Mays and Mae E. Mays to George William Crist Jr. and Amy Crist – 0.0464 acres, W.W. Lewis Sur vey A-30 (v. 1,123, p. 860).

C. Ber t Dickens, custodian, and Jackie Dickens, minor, to Timothy Mitchell and Kefa Mitchell – 225 Fifth St., Rockdale (v. 1,123, p. 895).

Special Warranty Deeds

GMAC Mor tgage Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association – 0.471 acre, Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,123, p. 658).

Wanda May Tousek Estate, Robert Kenney Everett, independent executor, to Robert Kenny Everett – part of Henry Martin Survey A-272 (v. 1,123, p. 835).

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association and Barrett Daffin Fappier Turner Engle LLP, attorneyin fact, to Gloria D. Adkinson – part of Block 10, Michalk Addition, Thorndale (v. 1,124, p. 28).

Substitute Trustee Deeds

Faye Pecht, substitute trustee, and Mark D. Streamer to Swartz & Brough Inc. – Lots 6-10, Block 36, Buckholts (v. 1,123, p. 667).

Rebecca Goeke, substitute trustee, and Sadie Young to Stanley Budnik and David Larry Hodges – Tract 1, Brazos Acres Subdivision (v. 1,123, p. 791).

Cemetery Deeds

City of Cameron to Marion Cooley and Steele Cooley – Lots 1-6, Section 5, Row 7, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,123, p. 577).

Nova Jones, widow, to George W. Jones – Lot 39, Block 4, Little River Cemetery (v. 1,124, p. 51).

Quitclaim Deed

Ruth Mildred Rodenbeck Henning et al to Frank Barton Felton III – Lots K 1-5 and part of Lots 6-9 and 13-18 and L Block, Thorndale (v. 1,123, p. 582).

Mineral Deed

Donal S. Bailey and Jo Ann Bailey to Hemus Ltd. – 150 acres, Monroe Edwards League A -16 (v. 1,123, p. 732).

Gift Deed

Dorothy A. Brown to Patricia L. Lowery, Karen A. Sessions and Ryndol Lee Brown Jr. – 41.31 acres, Miguel Davilla Survey A-13 (v. 1,123, p. 853).

Memorandum Lease

Edward L. Dworaczyk and Sandra L. Dworaczyk to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – 164.27 acres, William Stephens Survey A-324 (v. 1,124, p. 1).

Foreclosure Sale Deed

Faye Pe cht, substitu te tr ustee, and Tameria D. Mitchell to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. – Lot 11 and north 36 feet of Lot 10, Block 2, Revised Dyer Addition (v. 1,123, p. 902).

Royalty Deed

Harvey W. Smith Jr. to LBD-08 Ltd. – two tracts, 352.953 acres, Milam and Burleson Counties (v. 1,123, p. 577).

Oil, Gas & Mineral Leases

Donald E. Shuffield and Lawanda J. Shuffield to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – 21.134 acres, G.W. Chapman Survey A-133 (v. 1,124, p. 3).

Cindy Kay Bell and Milton E. Bell to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – 19.9206 a cres, A .T. Miles Sur vey A -271 (v. 1,124, p. 7).

Leland Terr y Douglas and Lucille L. Douglas to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – 88.5838 acres, A.T. Miles Survey A-271 (v. 1,124, p. 11).

Carl Gene Huddleston to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – 21.137 acres, G.W. Chapman Survey A-133 (v. 1,124, p. 15).

Dorothy Beard, individually and as independent executrix, and Stanley Beard Estate to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – 829.76 acres, Eliza Sante League A-317 (v. 1,124, p. 18).

Ellis Evan Christie to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – 53.771 acres, Morris Moore Survey (v. 1,124, p. 22).

Probate Cases Filed

Carolyn Huff Christian and Patricia Huff Battalio applied for the Eva Huff Estate – letters of administration (PR10661).


Civil Cases Filed

F IA Card Ser vices NA vs. Helen Reyes – accounts, contracts, notes.

Marilyn Delear vs. Spencer Price, executor of the Carol G. Price Estate – injury, damage, other.

GMAC Mortgage vs. Michael Brantley – accounts, contracts, notes.

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