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Thanks to 3 for council tenure
Serving on a small-town’s city council is often a thankless task. From potholes in the streets to backed up toilets to, okay, media criticism, city solons generally take the blame for everything that is wrong and get little thanks when things go right.

Shoemake Shoemake One former city councilman, James Throckmorton, as nice a man as one could ever meet, quipped, “I never knew what a sorry S.O.B. I was until I got elected.”

But we’d like to say thank you to Mayor John Shoemake and west-ward councilman Tom Fisher for their six years of service, and to east-ward councilman J.T. Talley for his 15 years. Mayors and councilmen are not compensated for their work, which involves everything from big decisions, such as whether or not to build a $5.3-million sewer plant, to fielding late-night calls complaining about dogs knocking over garbage cans.

But all of these decisions are what makes small towns “go” and function in a way that balances interests of the citizenry with reasonable taxes. And though they didn’t always agree, no one can ever say these three did not vote their conscience.

Talley Talley The past two years have been challenging for Rockdale and more uncertain times await. But these three have moved things in the right direction, supporting development efforts and governing over the slow buildup of an emergency fund that allows the city to fund the unexpected — such as breaks in old water lines — without having to float another loan.

The past six years have also seen four people in the city manager’s chair, and replacing and watching over that important position requires a time commitment in itself.

All three men also serve in various other volunteer capacities, from fireman to handicap ramp builder to restorer of the I&GN Depot. We wish all three the best and thank them for their unselfish service.—K.E.C.
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