Taxpayer rights listed by MCAD

CAMERON—Chief Appraiser Pat Moraw reminds Milam County property owners they have certain rights that may reduce their property tax burden.

She listed the following categories.


Persons who own their residence on January 1, 2010, may claim their home as a residential homestead.

The filing of this document is only necessary if the homeowner has changed homesteads since January 1, 2009, or has become eligible for additional exemptions since last year.

Homeowners may also defer the portion of the tax on their residence homestead if the value of the home was raised more than 5 percent above the previous year.

Although the tax collection is deferred, interest continues to run on the unpaid portion of the tax at a rate of 8 percent per annum and the deferred tax remains a lien on the property.

To apply for the deferral, the owner should contact the appraisal district.


Persons who are disabled under Social Security law are entitled to additional exemptions on their residential homestead.

Disabled applicants must apply with the appraisal district and furnish a determination letter from Social Security.

Disabled persons now receive all benefits on their home that are available to over 65 persons (see below).

Over 65

Persons who are over 65 or disabled persons may file for additional exemptions and a ceiling on school taxes and county taxes for their residential homestead if they become 65 during 2010.

Over-65 persons should apply for this exemption at the appraisal district office. Over-65 persons are also eligible to defer paying the tax on their residential homestead if they wish.

The taxes continue to accrue during the deferral along with annual interest, but no attempt will be made to force payment during the deferral.

Details and an application may be obtained from any appraisal district or the State Comptroller.

Disabled veterans

Persons who have been declared disabled by the Veterans Administration are eligible for additional exemptions on property they own.

The declaration letter from VA is mailed annually, but the appraisal district only needs a copy in the first year of eligibility or if the percentage of disability changes.

A disabled Veteran who receives 100% disability compensation due to a service-connected disability and a rating of 100 percent disabled or of individual unemployability is entitled to an exemption from taxation of the appraised value of the veteran’s residence homestead. The law does not provide this exemption to spouses and survivors of deceased disabled veterans.

Farm-ranch homestead

Farmers and ranchers may be entitled to receive an alternate method of appraisal. This method is available to farms and ranches commercially raising crops or livestock or which are used as wildlife habitat under state guidelines.

An application for agricultural use value and additional information is available from the appraisal district.

Re-f iling is only necessar y if requested to do by the chief appraiser. However, new owners of a property are required to file a new application.

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