Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Walter Mortgage Co. LLC to Jerry Tumlinson and Tammy Tumlinson – Lot 6, Coleman Duncan Addition, Cameron (v. 1,124, p. 454).

KC Southern LLC, Timothy T. Cheatham and Brittany August Cheatham, managers, to Danny Wray Myers and Jolene Trishel – part of D. Monroe Grant, Cameron (v. 1,124, p. 518).

James Byrne to Anita R. Gonzalez – Lots 11-12, Block 5, Ben Arnold (v. 1,124, p. 596).

Jvann Properties LC, Jimmie Vann, president, to John Cody Cox and Carrie Cox – 1 acre, Sarah Wilhelm Survey A-69 (v. 1,124, p. 661).

Ferrell Thorpe to Mike D. Elliott and Rita J. Elliott – 0.22 acre, W.W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v. 1,124, p. 676).

Kim Howerton, individually and as attorney-in-fact, and John Robert Howerton to Matthew McDermott and Nikki McDermott – 10 acres, Francisco Ruiz Survey A-54 (v. 1,124, p. 691).

S&V Partnership, Harry D. Vowell, general partner and attorney in-fact, and Larry E. Sanders, General Partner, to John J. Choats Jr. an Kathy M. Choats – 13.703 acres, James Reese Survey A-303 (v. 1,124, p. 720).

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. and National Default Reo Services dba First American Asset Closing Services, attorney in-fact, to Tomasa Ortiz and Carlos B. Ortiz – Lot 6, Block 1, Town Oaks Subdivision, Rockdale (v. 1,124, p. 753).

Special Warranty Deeds Dorothy Brown to Derwin Moody – 13 acres, A.G. Perry League, and 34.286 acres, Leander Harl Survey A-194 (v. 1,124, p. 462, 465).

Dorothy Brown to Charles A. Moody Jr., Derwin Moody and Janice N. Brown/Okpuzor – equal shares in 34.286 acres, Leander Harl Survey (v. 1,124, p. 469).

Betty A. Jezisek et al to Century Real Property Investments LP – 50 acres, Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,124, p. 779).

CC Deed

Michael E. Clemens and Barbara D. Clemens to H&R Block Mortgage Corp. – 0.317 acre, Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,124, p. 486).

Mineral Deed Harry D. Vowell and Larry E. Sanders dba S&V Operating Co. to Jerrom Farms LLP and Seven F Farms Inc. – half each of 114.816 acres, Arnet and Milby Surveys (v. 1,124, p. 508).

Executor’s Deed

Edwin Zajicek Estate, Wayne Baggerly, independent executor, to Hal L. Senkel and Carolyn N. Senkel – Lot 3, Block 23, Buckholts (v. 1,124, p. 484).

Administrator’s Deed

Elizabeth Nicole Ingram Johnson Estate, Steven Todd Johnson, dependent administrator and guardian, to Steven Todd Johnson II and Cody Ingram Johnson – half interest each in 1,209.5 acres (v. 1,124, p. 706).

Oil, Gas & Mineral Lease Clifford Kelley Blackburn to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 79.77 acres and 10.23 acres, Smith Vincent Survey A-372 (v. 1,124, p. 424).

Probate Cases Filed

Sandra Timko applied for the Raymond L. Slay Estate – letters testamentary (PR10664).


Civil Cases Filed

Milam County vs. Marcella Noack et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Thomas Ray White et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Marie Mata et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Julia Aycock Butler – tax case.

Milam County vs. Carl Tomascik et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Terry O’Neal Thompson et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Randy Charles Thompson et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Charles Servantez et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Virginia Lee Frei aka Virginia Lee Farrar et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Calvin F. Jechow et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Billy R. Dees et al – tax case.

Citibank (South Dakota) vs. John T. Butcher Jr. – accounts, contracts, notes.

Citibank (South Dakota) vs. Henry Wayne Roddy – accounts, contracts, notes.

Michalka AC & Electrical Inc. vs. Agholade O. Odutayo – accounts, contracts, notes.

21st Mortgage Corp. et al vs. Mary Ann Balch and Linda Wilson – accounts, contracts, notes.

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