‘Mac’s friend isn’t stranded in Liverpool

There is a scam going around in the Central Texas area. Sandra O’Donnell of Cameron, received a request from “Mac.”

Mac says she lived in Milam County at one time, but now resides in Austin, Texas. She has traveled to Europe in the past, however Mac was in Austin when Sandra’s e-mail notice came explaining the predicament encountered in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Mac says she did reside in Ireland for a few years. However, that has nothing to do with this scam, In my view.

The e-mail simply states “I’m caught up in a real mess and I need your assistance urgently.

“Sorry I didn’t inform you about my trip. I made an unofficial trip to the United Kingdom (Liverpool) and a bizarre thing happened to me.

“I was mugged at gun point last night and it happened at the park of the hotel were I was lodged but thank God I wasn’t hurt.

“The muggers carted away with all my belongings credit cards, Phone, cash and some vital documents excluding my passport.

“ I’m having problems sorting out the hotel bills and also need to get my ticket straightened out. I need a quick loan to get things fixed out here and promise to refund as soon as I get back home, 400 pounds will get things fixed out here.

“The hotel management won’t allow me to stay any longer and I’ve been deprived me from the hotel facilities. What ever can afford for now will mean loads to me.

Kindly have the money wired to me via Western Union (address is given). I still have my passport here with me to claim the funds. “Once you are done email me the Confirmation details (MTCN) for the pickup of the funds, since I’m mailing from an internet shop here in Liverpool and I have to shuttle the hotel and the internet shop. Waiting to read from you soon.”

The syntax seems a bit awkward and lacks the Texas slang that most Texans use. Words like “refund” rather than “pay you back” and the space between “what and ever”.

When you get e-mails examine them for clues before you react to them. Think before you wire money to anyone, especially those from a foreign country.

It seems that someone invaded Mac’s computer and all of the addresses from the address-book were stolen.

If you know Mac, you may receive such an e-mail, so now you know that Mac is not out of the country visiting in Liverpool, England.

You can rest easy knowing that your dear friend, Mac, is in Austin safe and sound.

Another website for us to use is shtml. You can go here and read more about cons of travelers being stranded. was established in 2003 to investigate and report its findings, so, others will not stumble and fall into the trap.

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