‘Search out bullies, expel them from school’

Dear editor,

Who will be responsible?

If a young person is so harassed, picked on and bullied they see no way out and take their own life, who will be held responsible for this life?

The ones who do the bullying.

I believe the age of accountability is 13. So if any young person 13 or older bullies someone so much they take their own life they will have innocent blood on their hands and when they stand before the Lord on judgement day they will be found guilty.

A bully is someone who picks on someone weaker than they, someone who cannot fight back.

A bully is a coward, trying to show off to others how tough and bad they are, when actually they are spineless, gutless and a crawling worm.

I believe we all know bullying does go on in our Rockdale schools. There is supposed to be “zero tolerance” but that is not what you hear from some of the young people in our schools.

No one can tell me the school staff doesn’t see it. If any of the staff does see bullying going on, and turns a blind eye, they are just as guilty as the bully.

One young person said they were being picked on, went to a teacher and was told “we don’t tolerate tattletales in this school.”

My God, what kind of nonsense is this? If a teacher doesn’t help, where can a child get help? I wonder if this was the teacher’s view or were those words put into their mouth by someone higher up?

If there is “zero tolerance” that should include every person in the school, regardless of what their last name is or who their parents are.

If bullies are caught, drastic measures should be taken, even if it means being expelled from school.

We have lost some precious young people from our school because of bullying. This has brought broken hearts to parents and community members who still grieve. I do.

Why can’t the school board and staff get together and come up with a plan to have people monitor the halls, and different places where the students gather and watch for bullying?

If anyone gets caught bullying then out they go. Zero tolerance.

I believe with all my heart bullying can be stopped and it must be stopped, now, or there will be innocent blood on some hands one day as they hear the words “you’re guilty.”
Billy E. Strelsky
890 County Road 309

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