Why no room for tribute to classmate?

Dear editor,

Many people have asked me about the wreath that was on the field with us during our graduation ceremony Friday.

I was prepared to acknowledge this symbol of remembrance but was asked not to at the last moment.

The wreath was in memory of our late classmate, Corinne Wilson.

A lot of my fellow classmates wanted her to be part of our ceremony because we remember her fondly and we were happy to know the wreath would be on the field with us.

My speech was approved by our principal, but in the long run it was declined by the central administration.

I was given the impression that it really wasn’t important to them and they didn’t want to sit in their chairs behind the podium for two extra minutes.

The following is the speech I had prepared.

“Good evening. We have come together to celebrate this stepping stone in our life, but as we do so, we would like to remember our friend Corinne Wilson.

“ The Class of 2010 fondly remembers Corinne and wishes she were here with us today. In her memory, we have placed a wreath on the field with us.

“We are lucky to have had Corinne in our lives the time that we did, and we will always carry her with us.

“My fellow classmates, please, never take a day for granted, because you never know how long you’ve got to show the world what you’re made of.

“One of my favorite quotes, surprisingly is by Dr. Seuss. It says, ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’

“I urge you to take this quote and keep it in your head and your heart to get you through the many things life has set for us.

Corinne, thank you for being with us here today. Class of 2010, We did it.”

Part of growing up and particularly graduating is cherishing memories made.

I think it would have been very respectful to at least acknowledge what the wreath symbolized.
Nathan Starr
2009-2010 RHS Student Body

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