First vote for new mayor is tie-breaker

Council will revisit ‘thoroughfare’ portion of 2003 master plan
By KEN ESTEN COOKE Reporter Publisher

In his first vote as mayor, Dr. Larry Jones had to break a tie to name the mayor pro tem.

The routine move saw new council members Joyce Dalley and Toby Johnson nominate Doug Calame for the pro tem spot, while veterans Gerry Offield and Willie Phillips favored Allan Miller, who has held the pro tem post for several terms.

Jones broke the 2- 2 tie with a vote for Miller.

‘Master plan’

The council will call a public hearing for Aug. 9 in an effort to re-think the thoroughfare portion of the city’s comprehensive master plan.

The issue became a hot-button one preceding the May election, as landowner Allan Noack and four home owners on Skyles Street saw plans that showed a potential new “northern loop” for the town run through their backyards or living rooms.

“This is a very aggressive thoroughfare plan, with 120-foot to 200-foot right of ways,” City Manager Kelvin Knauf said, using a slide for illustration. “I think if we were located near an urban area and growing quickly, this would be appropriate. But the plan was anticipating a population for us of more than 7,000 by 2010 and a northern TxDOT loop.”

Knauf said from what he has seen of other towns’ plans, this one should be reconsidered.

Jones said the comprehensive master plan is used in all longrange planning. “But we need to take time so that everyone has input and the plan is viable,” he said. “This plan is already seven years old.”


Jones said he also planned to have a report on economic development activities at each meeting. It was noted Monday that ATS held its ribbon cutting and that the city is looking at a web site, which will include an economic development section.

The council also renewed its juvenile curfew ordinance with no changes. The council also approved subdivision requests from the Rockdale Hospital District, which will separate property leased to the Milam Association for Retarded Citizens from the rest of the hospital grounds, and okayed Rising Star Baptist Church’s Texas Street plat.


• Building standards committee, Matt Lehmkuhl.

• Development district ex-officio member, Doug Calame will replace Tom Fisher.

• Park board, Toby Johnson will replace Fisher.

• Museum board, Joyce Dalley will replace J.T. Talley.


The city’s Planning & Zoning Commission will meet at 2 p.m. Thursday at City Hall and hold a public hearing about rezoning much of downtown to a “Central Area” zone which would refine its regulations for signage, parking, lot sizes and lot lines. The P&Z will take action to recommend the change to the city council after the public hearing.

The Parks Board will meet at 5 p.m. Thursday to discuss improvements at Veterans Memorial Park, Sumuel Park and Moultry Park.

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