Two letters tie same sad subject together

Dear editor,

We want to commend Nathan Starr on the letter he wrote in last week’s paper. This was a most thoughtful gesture that he would include a deceased former classmate on what would have been a most important event in her life.

Ever yone wondered why a wreath was on the field. Could the administration not give a minute or so to remember this and explain? Bullying may be zero tolerance, but eyes are closed depending on who is being bullied and who is doing it.

If we were able to look beyond one’s shortcomings — which, by the way, everyone has, including us — we would see the good traits outweigh the bad in most everyone and each individual does things their own way and does not have to please everyone else.

Again, we say, Nathan, your concern has caught the eye of many people and most all of them are very saddened that this tribute did not get recognition.

Billy Strelsky had a wonderful letter on the subject of bullying in our school. It is indeed bad when a teacher says no tattle tales. The so-called tattle tale child may be crying out for help.

A dedicated teacher will always listen and take necessary steps in the order of progression, but there again, you wonder was this the true feelings of the teacher or was it to the tune of “if I don’t listen, then I heard nothing and can say nothing, whereas if I hear and do report I may not have a job teaching anymore.” Teachers are trying to make a living for their family also.

The school system is allowing our children to fall through the cracks and, yes, someday someone will answer for things done or left undone. Bullying is probably not the only issue, and granted there are some wonderful teachers and positive things that come out of our schools, and too the home plays an important part in these issues. Look at the students that were only able to put a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Let’s work together in Christlike love so that every child feels as though they are equal to others regardless of status. We may not fully agree with others’ views, but let’s disagree, agreeably. Bullying proves nothing.

Thanks to the both of you for wonderful letters and it seems like they fit together and we know for fact that the letters were not planned to be printed at the same time. Is the very highest of all authority, God, trying to get a message to us?
Howard and June Key
613 Ackerman St.

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