‘If you’re alive you’ve won $4 million’

An e-mail from “Dr. Abdu Abubakar” was sent to a Milano resident June 1 seeking information.

It opens with the question, “are you still alive?” The only response possible is “yes, I am still alive.”

“No I am dead” would be the other answer, which is not going to happen.

Then it asks “did you send Mrs. Veronica Anderson from the USA to claim your $4,000.000? Chances are better than good that you do not know anyone named Veronica Anderson, you didn’t send anyone to claim $4,000,000 and you were unaware it was waiting for you.

Dr. Abubakar will give you more details when you respond.

The e-mail urges you to act immediately, because the funds coming from the United Nations are scheduled to go to Mrs. Anderson.

Then it asks the usual personal information questions.

But why does Dr. Abubakar need to know your country of residence? He is asking for information already in his possession. He. knows where you live, right?

Wrong, the doctor is “phishing” for this information.

Why does he ask you to write in the amount you are to receive? Good question, he sent the e-mail that stated the amount. Maybe the con artist sends out varying amounts in other -e-mails.

The address for Veronica and her telephone number is listed.

If you give someone a fish he can eat for a day, but if you teach someone how to fish, he can feed his family for the rest of his life.

The following are hints for you to investigate opportunities that may or may not be scams:

• How are you addressed in an e-mail, regular mail, telephone or face to face? This lets you know if you are known or not. The failure to address you by name is very important in your decision making process.

• Look for misspellings and grammatical errors. Also notice the way words are used. You will have reason to be very suspicious when a company uses “she have” as in this e-mail. Subject/verb agreement and common mistakes are rarely made by professional businesses.

• How is the contact signed? You never know if the person used their actual name or the name of another and often a name that is easily recognized of some sort of a sound alike name.

Find out by “googling” in the name and see where it takes you. If a telephone number is given, you can go to www.langenberg. com for a free reverse phone directory.

The windows at this site allow you to give the telephone number and the name and address is provided.

This was done on the telephone number listed above. The number is listed to L.A. Wine Company with the same address given for Mrs. Veronica Anderson.

She may work t here, who knows?

Contact www.breakthechain. org,, or www. for possible histories of scams researched by these companies.

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