Bill, Peg were well-behaved overnight guests

Neighbor Grover sez he doesn’t worry about old age because it doesn’t last all that long anyway.

He was nice and protective and she was in a family way.

Don’t know where they hailed from, but a jack and a jenny came wandering up Cady Road out in Linwood Acres one day last week and wound up spending the night.

First sighting was by my neighbor Gary Griesbach who happened to be looking out his living room window when they walked into his front yard and the jack peered in the window.

“Hey Annette,” Gary called out to his better half. “There’s a couple of jackasses in our front yard!”

And Annette responded: “Oh no, are the Cookes over here again?”

And Gary said: “No, it’s not the Cookes. These appear to be pure-breds.”


This pair, a jack and a jenny great with child, made nice visitors. Here, they head for shade on the Cooke front lawn. GSary Griesbach photo This pair, a jack and a jenny great with child, made nice visitors. Here, they head for shade on the Cooke front lawn. GSary Griesbach photo Now that conversation might not have happened exactly like that, but it probably should have. After some discussion, the neighbors, including Kay Bow and Kent and Kathy Bowermon, began referring to the visitors as Bill and Peg.

Someone called Fred Lankford, the city’s animal control officer, and word was put out over KRXT as to the their whereabouts in case anybody was missing a pair of donkeys.

Fred haltered the two in the shade in the vacant lot between our house and the Griesbach’s. Gary supplied buckets of water and hay. What was Gary doing with a bale of hay in our neighborhood? Well, it had something to do with an archery target for his grandkids.

Peg and Bill (not us Cookes) were also treated to dog food and finally some quality hoss food, courtesy of quarter horse breeder Grant Owen who came into town twice to look after the comfort of our visitors.

Lots of folks did double takes as they drove by. So did some joggers and walkers. One lady jogged by and was inquisitive. We explained that somebody was missing a pair of donkeys, because one was male and the other was female.

“How can you tell?” she asked, before not icing and quick ly recanting: “Never mind, forget that I asked that.”

By noon the next day, nobody had claimed Bill and Peg. Fred said an option was for the city to get a trailer and transport them to the stables at Fair Park.

Someone mentioned that Bobby Pelzel had donkeys and might take them. And Bobby did just that in early afternoon.

So if the original owner gets word, that’s where he can claim them. But he’ll have to call them Bill and Peg from now on.

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