What can we leave behind that will last?

By ADRIN FLETCHER Former local minister
Scotland is known—worldwide— for the production of products which come from the raising of sheep.

Mutton and lamb are sold and exported in great quantities.

Woolen goods produced in Scotland are widely spread throughout the world.

Even little souvenir sheep with wooly coats are well known. Sheep-shaped refrigerator magnets adorn “fridge” doors all across the world.

During the days in which we lived in that great country, sheep-skin rugs and sheepskin lined slippers were in vogue. Like all good tourist/ visitors to the country, we brought some of both back to the USA.

Sheep-skin rugs are especially important in that country, where the winters are cold and the summers are chilly. Bedroom floors in houses with little heat during the nighttime hours can be really cold first thing in the morning without a nice fluffy woolen rug to take your first step. Sheep-skin lined slippers are also of great comfort.

When we returned to the USA, our first preaching opportunity was for a congregation in Houston. That warm, humid climate lent little incentive for woolen clothing, rugs or slippers. We used them anyway! Our church congregation furnished us a parsonage which was mostly carpeted, but which did have some polished wood floors. So, even in Houston, sheep-skin rugs and lined slippers did feel good from time to time.

We left Scotland after some very happy years of service and returned to the USA in the mid-1970’s. The sheep-skin rugs we brought back are still in use on our bedroom floors almost 40 years later. That is real value for money!

I never met those sheep who donated their skins for our rugs, but I am impressed that their sacrifice has endured all these years.

As human beings, we have only limited opportunities to leave lasting legacies. I happen to possess a gold pocket watch which belonged to a friend who, having no children or grandchildren of his own to leave the watch to, entrusted it to me because he knew that I would treasure and preserve it along with his memory.

The things we own and/or possess will one day be sold, disposed of, or lost.

What we can leave behind that will last for eternity is a life lived for and with our God. Today, ask yourself just what your legacy will be.

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