‘My best respected, most highly regarded teacher’

The cliche is “e ver y thing you

really need to know, you le arned

in ki ndergarten.”

That’s not a cli che for r et ired

te acher Marga ret Green and she

has proof.

Mrs. Green, who retired in

20 03 a fter 33 yea rs as a kinderga

rten teacher in the Rockdale

ISD recently received one of

those specia l letter s which make

all t hos e hours in t he classroom

wort h it.

James Pr uett Jr., a 2010 graduate

who h as moved from R ockdale

since he was taught by Mrs.

Green more than a dozen years

ago, sent thi s letter:

“Hello Mrs. Green.

“It has been a swiftly pass

ing 12 years, but the teachings

from my influent ial ki ndergarten

te acher have never left me.

“The details of school’s lessons

have c onstantly changed , having

lit tle i mp act , t hey qu i te o fte n

v ani sh from my mind, yet some

of th em stay ed an d pa ssed th e te st of time.

“The most important one you

taug ht me , how to be a st udent For t hat I am ever grateful.

“Th r ough o ut the du ra tion of my schooling there have beemany teachers, many faces

of encouragement.

“You stand alone at the top of

all these categories for the reason

that influence from the teacher

is t he deter mining factor placing

them in my memory.

“Your influence has kept you my

best remembered, most respecte

d and most highly regarde (teacher).

“I owe it all to you. I plan to

attend college in pursuit of a

law degree. It is my de sire to be

a pros ecu tor a nd even tu a lly a

polit ician.

“You encouraged me to wish

for success after hard work so, as modest ly as it may be said, I

plan to go far.

“I once heard that of a ny thing

big and important the b eginning

is t he most cr ucial part .

“So th at is why I see it as absolutely necessary to thank you

with my deepest sincerety for

prov id ing me with a foundation

for what was yet to come, for

being my first teacher.

“You created a big pa ir of shoes

which no succeeding teacher

could have ever filled.

“O nce aga i n, let me take one

final opportunity to say thank


“With respect and reverence ,

James Pr uett Jr.”

P ru ett gra duated f rom Amarillo

High S chool in May.

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