Another one crossed off my ‘bucket list’

Last week I got to experience my first high school all-star football game. That was all due in part to Milano’s Matthew Jentsch being selected to play for the South team (which won the gridiron match up 36-23).

It was a fun game to watch, but what was really exciting for me is that I got to cross another thing off my “Bucket List.”

A “bucket list” is something different for everyone, but mainly a list of places to go or things to do before they die or rather “kick the bucket.” Mine is mainly filled with things related to sports. Now that could be because being a fan was injected into my veins as a young child, but I like to think I am able to be a tad bit independent, so we won’t blame it on the hours spent with my dad watching sports on the tube or playing sports when I was younger (and in much better shape).

Back to the list....I had 10 or so places I either wanted to shoot a game/match at or go to an event during. Of those, I have been to, as a spectator, Kyle Field and Olsen Field (both at my alma mater Texas A&M; there’s nothing in the world like an Aggie football game), a Houston Astros game at both their old home the Astrodome and their new home Minute Maid Park (I prefer the dome); the Erwin Center (it looked so much bigger on TV); the Winter Olympics (did that last February, too cool), and now the Alamodome (thanks again, Matt).

Five to go

The sports section of my “bucket list” is now down to five and I am hoping that I’m alive to see the last one.

The first of the remainder is a game at the year-old Cowboys Stadium (aka Jerry’s House). It doesn’t have to be a Cowboys game, I’ll take a state title game or even an Aggie game there.

Next item is one that will take me to Durham, North Carolina and will have all my Aggie family give me a “horse laugh.” I’d love to see a Duke University Blue Devils basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium before Coach Mike Krzyzewski retires or leaves.

My blood runs maroon, but ever since I saw Bobby Hurley, Grant Hill and Christian Laettner in those Blue Devil jerseys and saw them win the national title in 1991 and ‘92, I have just been a Duke basketball fan.

Another item is an obvious choice. Since I was lucky enough to attend the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in February, I have to find a way to see something from the Summer Games. I know I won’t be heading to London in 2012 or Rio De Janeiro in 2016, so this item may take some work before it comes to light.

The next item on the list is the summer classic MLB All- Star Game. Baseball is something I really enjoy watching and getting to see the annual National League-American League match up would be really cool. Was very excited when the NL won a couple of weeks ago, it was about time.

Which brings me to the one I’m not sure will happen beforee I “kick the bucket.” The Houston Astros in the World Series. Now yes, they did make it there in 2005, but that was a long, hard losing battle and they still had my favorite “Killer B’s” on the roster in Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell.

I guess now that Bagwell is the new hitting coach, maybe, just maybe I can get that one scratched off the list too.

Got a list?

I’d love it if readers would email in some of their “bucket list” to-do’s. I might have to add them to mine. Maybe we can even mark off a few of them together.

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