Sometimes the phone rings and nobody’s there
Ted Hubert
When the telephone rings, it needs immediate attention. It is very irritating to stop what you are doing, rush to the telephone and are greeted by a dial tone.

What did they want? Did they leave a message? Caller ID did record the number and you could call them back.

But, think before you act. Is this going to cost you any of your hard-earned money? Is it worth your time to find this information?

Calling the number on the answering machine could connect you with someone in a foreign country.

There are scams that lure people to call which obligates the caller pay well over the expected charge one would expect from a telephone call.

You can Google in the number and find the person responsible. Another option is to use the “reverse number” web site. The service is free unless you need a more detailed report, which will usually generate a small charge.

The one used mostly at my house is However you may use www.ixquick. com;; www.; www.anywho. com; or

There can be at least two reasons for receiving calls with no one ready to speak with you on the other end of the line. Telemarketers are busy on their telephones everyday, all day. They avoid wasting time, so, a software program is placed on their computer.

The computer is programmed to call several people in a short range of time. The moment the telephone is answered, it is noted. The telemarketer now knows the time you were home to answer your telephone. Now he can call the next day at that time and reach you or someone at this telephone number.

The second purpose for computer telephone calling software is to notify the telemarketer that you are on line ready for his pitch.

It works this way: Several potential customers are called. The one that answers the call is connected to the telemarketer and the other numbers, that were called in your group, are dropped.

The dropped action may explain why no one was on line when you answered.

This can be stopped if it is annoying you. The easiest way, of course, is to check your caller ID before you answer the ring. This “no action” on your part, will disallow the machine connecting you to a telemarketer nor will it record the time you answered with some sort of tracking cookie.

The Federal Communication Committee, FCC, 1-888-382-1222 will take your complaint and in some cases, FCC will call the callers and ask them to stop.

If you are being harassed, you may be eligible for a $500 check.

Milam County TRIAD’s purpose is to keep its members informed. MCT needs your help to reach those that were unable to get this information.

Tell your family members and neighbors about unwanted telephone calls.

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