‘Personal vendettas’ hurt Rockdale’s growth

Dear editor,

First, I would like to thank The Rockdale Reporter for its continued support of growing this community.

It amazes me that our new elected councilwomen can be allowed to be in office only a few months and attempt to destroy generations of unity and values of what this community was built on.

They have allowed their personal vendetta and agendas against the Chamber Director to interfere with the progress of this community.

I would think true professionals would work together to put their energy into viable new venues for Rockdale.

Our Chamber board and membership are very strong and intelligent and we stand united in support of Denice Doss and the continued success of our Chamber of Commerce.

It has been said that Associated Training Services (ATS) just came here to get government training money.

It appears that the above mentioned councilwomen believe those vicious untruths by their non-support of the recent water issue that has cost the city a lot of revenue not only from ATS but from any other business that attempts to locate in or near the industrial park.

Many workforce, community, school and county leaders were involved in bringing ATS to Rockdale.

Since May there were several high level meetings with ATS executives and the above officials including the city manager and then mayor before everyone agreed that this would be a good fit.

They did not just show up hang out a sign and spend a million dollars to set up a temporary shop.

There are rules and regulations from the state that trade schools have to comply with before receiving a full approval to accept private funding.

This process generally takes a minimum of 90 days after a proven period of operation. We needed ATS in Rockdale immediately to provide training opportunities for dislocated workers resulting from the plant closure, instead of delaying opening for three to six months.

They agreed to step up and quickly open June 7. Their goals are to be a community education facility for both youth and adults. How do you think they feel about Rockdale now?

Leaders from all over Milam County are currently working with consultants utilizing the $250,000 funds from federal and state entities to prepare our community for economic development growth.

This group will be applying for a grant, which, if funded, will enhance all the cities in our county including Rockdale with infrastructure badly needed to accommodate new business and make it more attractive for companies to open or relocate here in the future.

Besides costing the city valuable revenue, the message given with the ATS issue may also cost Rockdale funds for future development.

Mayor Jones is a good person who truly has Rockdale’s interest at heart and is doing a great job. My wish for Rockdale is that our city officials unite, stop personal vendettas, personal agendas and help heal and build this community.

Mayor Jones and the council have a lot of work to do to bring this community in line or ahead of other productive and striving communities.

We elected these officials to support our views, voice our votes and entrust them with our community’s interest and I am sure this is not what we bargained for.

Cynthia Jerman

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