They do grow up way too fast

Marie Bakken
It seems like yesterday that Buck and I were nervously driving to the College Station Medical Center, me in very painful labor, to deliver our oldest child, Bradley.

He wasn’t due for two more weeks but as a first time mother I was pretty sure what labor felt like and I wanted it over as soon as possible. Funny how we forget all the pain once we see those sweet, angelic faces for the first time.

Well, after 14 hours of labor, only six with an epidural, Bradley Berton Bakken was born via C-section at 8:50 p.m. Sept. 12, 2005. Those five years have flown by and after many milestones in his life, my sweet boy is now heading off to school.

When school bells ring on Monday morning I will have a student. The thought just sends me into water works.

I know that he will be in capable hands, he’s will attend Milano Elementary School and in Neva Jack Caffey’s Pre-K class. Mrs. Caffey and I have spoken a few times about mine and Bradley’s fears of starting school and she has assured me he will be fine (and that I will be too).

Bradley is an independent soul who really likes to figure things out on his own now. Not something his Mommy is too fond of. But there are still mornings and evenings where my now “big boy” will climb up in my lap and cuddle. He still has that baby face when he looks at me a certain way.

When Buck and I first found out we were going to have a baby, we immediately started the name game. We didn’t want to know the gender of the baby until “it” was born, so we had to pick out one for a boy and a girl. The girl one was pretty easy, but the boy one, well it was all about tradition.

Most of the males in Buck’s family all have the same initials, B.B.B. So began the fun. “Blue Bell Bakken,” “Bubba Luken- Bakken,” and my brother Chad’s favorite “Beat Burton Bakken”. For those of you who remember his coaching days in Milano, he thought this one was rather clever.

We sort of followed that suit when picking out a middle name for the boy when we chose “Berton.” That was Buck’s paternal grandfather’s name.

Six weeks before Bradley was born a dear friend and then coworker of mine at The Cameron Herald, Mike Peck, suffered a series of strokes. During the almost month between his first stroke and when he died I learned one of Mike’s secrets.

He would always sign his name “Mike B. Peck.” I could never get him to tell me what the “B” stood for. Mike was someone I considered a mentor and a friend. I still miss him to this day. When Michael “Bradley” Peck died on Aug. 30, 2005 it was a sad day.

My little Bradley seems all grown up. He picked out his backpack, has all of his supplies and new school clothes. Now I just have to get him used to going to bed and waking up early. He’s sort of a night owl.

We’ve tried working on that waking up early thing and to be honest, he’s better at it than Mommy and Daddy.

He may be starting his “big boy” years, but he’ll always be that baby in my eyes.

So for all those moms (and dads) that will be sending their babies, I mean big boys and girls, off to their first day of school, don’t worry. You won’t be the only one crying. I will be too.

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