‘Chamber atmosphere vitriolic, poisonous’

Dear editor,

I read with amusement the infighting about helping a substantial business that attempted to locate in Rockdale.

Rockdale has a terrible reputation that stretches far and wide when it comes to business development.

Just read some of the insidious comments about Rockdale on the Internet. I had a successful business in Rockdale at one time and genuinely cared about the prospects of the town.

After witnessing the vitriolic and poisonous business atmosphere that was generated by yes, The Rockdale Chamber of Commerce and the few people it kowtows to, I got the hell out.

It just wasn’t worth it. I was even harassed by the Rockdale Police Department who wanted to know if I had a fictional “license” to do business in Rockdale.

I had to beg them to protect me from the harassment that was occurring from some of the Rockdale jerks in the business community, and you know who you are.

I have to laugh when I remember how Denice Doss, the Chamber of Commerce president, set up the Local Hero column, that is no longer in this paper, since my business closed.

She set it up to give my competition free press and the opportunity to develop business with free giveaways, for one simple reason-to help them compete with me-another dues-paying Chamber member.

I was told by Mrs. Doss I could not participate in the Local Hero giveaway program because it may make “some people” upset. That alone is a reason to dump Doss. She is not the person for the job and never was.

If she is such a visionary, as a recent letter claims, then why don’t you take a look around to see what’s changed in 10 years.

Who wants to bet the members of the MDD will be the same people that kept Rockdale in the ditch for years, and the MDD money will only benefit those few, their businesses and their minions for years to come?

The business structure in Rockdale is not about bringing in new business or getting people hired for jobs. It’s about keeping the few businesses alive that are teetering around on life support.

It’s also about keeping anyone out that might interfere with the same old high school clique that’s been keeping this town limping along for the last 30 years.

The track record of the Chamber and the old guard is pitiful. The councilwomen who are trying to “destroy generations of unity and values of what this community was built on” have my full support, and the support of plenty of others.

Go get’em, girls. Jim Gober

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