Chamber president shows ‘spirit’ of town

Dear editor,

In most towns there are a few people who seem to be the “Spirit” of that town. In our town, one of these people is Denice Doss.

Denice is a leader who cares for everyone she meets.

When she encounters people, they always feel her interest in their lives.

Her job is to encourage business growth in Rockdale and she does that with great hope and belief in the future.

But her love for Rockdale doesn’t end at the end of her work day.

If it were not for her work through encouragement and service, Rockdale would have a lack of programs for the community.

These are some of the projects that would draw others to live here and bring businesses here.

New people recognize this as a community that cares for its citizens and practices Christian love.

Denice not only starts programs, but works and coordinates with other organizations on their community projects.

I’ve seen no other individuals who show this much compassion through leadership, and no organizations who are willing to take over all the programs that she has established to care for the people of our town.

Denice has aided the Alcoa workers who were laid off with a fund raiser.

She has collected fans in the summer, school supplies in the fall, and coats for kids in the winter.

These are just some of the things that I know she has led. Sometimes all that Christians need is someone to “light a fire” among others to encourage them to act.

This is where we are most fortunate.

Mrs. Doss “lights our fire” and gives opportunities to shine so that others can see the wonderful town that we are.

The next time that you see her, be sure to let her know that we appreciate her belief in us and are grateful that she shares the loving “Spirit” of Rockdale.

Margo Gilless

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