‘Communication’ key to resolving problems

Dear editor,

My goodness, I am so sorry I missed last week’s city council meeting. Then after reading the editorial and the two letters to the editor, my first reaction, communication, communication, communication.

I’ve lived in Rockdale all my life with the exception of three years during WWII when we moved to Orange for my father to work in a defense plant and another three years, when my husband served in the U.S. Army in Ft. Belvoir, VA.

I now live on a ranch outside of Rockdale; however, I own a building in downtown Rockdale, pay taxes and do all my shopping and eating out in Rockdale.

I have seen lots of changes as many of the “old timers” have.

So when the editor asked the question, “what exactly is going on? Is it a turf war? Is it simply personalities?”, I would like to reply by saying it is none of the above.

It is change and communication. We have a new council, a new mayor and three new council members, people who have experience in dealing with strategic planning, tourism, who have been responsible for large budgets, have worked in marketing, urban Chambers of Commerce and use data, to make decisions.

We also have a relatively new City Manager, new city secretary, new MDD committee soon to become a larger board after the applications are reviewed. I stand behind all of these changes that are happening.

Personalities, we all have one. I like to think of our actions as behaviors and not personalities.

There is a percentage of the population that are task oriented and a percentage that respond to feelings. There is no right or wrong place to be.

What is important is to know what is important to me and understand what is important to people who are different than me.

Rockdale has much potential! It has been and still is a great town. I am in favor and will support working through all of the diversity on the table.

Let’s face it, it is not just in Rockdale, look at America, and look at the world. I see the lack of understanding, lack of communication, lack of data to support budgets, line item expenses an opportunity to grow Rockdale.

No one person can do all of this alone. It is not What “ I” can do, I see it as what “we” can do together.

Joy Graham 114 East Cameron Rockdale

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