‘No vendetta evidence by council members’

Dear editor,

After reading the letter to the editor from a Mrs. Jerman, who I understand does not live within the city limits of Rockdale and is not eligible to vote, it appears, as she was not in attendance at the recent council meeting where the ATS issue was discussed, she needs to be informed that neither of the two male council members in attendance seconded the motion.

After speaking with several of the council members, it is my understanding the issue was not turned down, but the council members, both male and female, needed more information.

Even though the MDD board has agreed to fund the infrastructure for the water, they have not officially agreed to the sewer issue until they receive a dollar quote for that portion of the utilities.

I personally have not seen evidence of the personal vendettas or agendas of which these ladies are accused any more than seeing a personal agenda of Mayor Jones running for mayor as a result of an issue with his personal property and the city.

It is hard to believe that Work Force Solutions would authorize the recent personal attack in writing on one of the council members by its representative.

The citizens of Rockdale are intelligent people. They know they cannot always believe what they read. If they are truly concerned about the facts, they should call their council representative and ask.

F.E. Hill

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