All-time hottest week was 10 years ago

So you think it’s been hot in Rockdale this week, with highs of 100 or more expected to continue?

Don’t go there, especially not if you were in Rockdale during the first week of September, 2000.

It was the hottest week ever recorded in the 85 years U. S. Weather Service records have been kept in Rockdale.

On Sept. 5, 2000, Rockdale recorded its all-time high of 113 degrees.

To put that into perspective, 113 degrees is more than halfway to boiling.

Water boils at 212 degrees at sea level. A 113-degree temperature is 53 percent of 212.

It wasn’t just a one-day wonder. The week also included a high of 112 and three of 110.

Those represent the five highest temperatures ever recorded in Rockdale.

In fact, on the “coolest” day of that meltdown week the mercury climbed to 108.

The superheated six-day period started out with a high of 110 on a Thursday, breaking the old record of 109, reached several times, the most recent in 1990.

It was equalled on Friday.

On Saturday a thunderstorm moved in, dropped a tenth of an inch of rain, and some brief hail, on Rockdale and cooled off the high to 108.

On Sunday, back to 110. Monday’s high was the record 113 and it was 112 on Tuesday.

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