Farewell to an advocate for Rockdale
Denice Doss
This week I would like to say farewell to a good friend of Rockdale—Ken Cooke. He and his family have moved to Victoria for a great opportunity for he and Christine. And though I am so proud for them that they have found this wonderful opportunity I am sad too that Rockdale has lost an advocate and strong voice for the town. Ken, through his efforts with the Rockdale Reporter and through president of the Rockdale Development Board, plus his affiliations with the Rotary Club and St. John’s Methodist Church offered many contributions to our town. His wit and writing ability promoted many projects and furthered the future of Rockdale.

His enjoyable editorials and issues that he tackled not only made for good reading in our weekly paper but also gave us entertainment beyond measure. I remember years ago he wrote an editorial about Elvis “The King” Presley in not such a favorable light and anyone who would do that definitely has a lot of moxie. He has been a stalwart in our town and he will be greatly missed.

Bill Martin’s column two weeks ago commiserated of how he would miss Will, Ken’s son, which tells me that his two boys have a memorable personality, following along in their daddy’s footsteps. So good luck to Ken and Christine and the best to you in your new home. But remember Rockdale will always welcome you back with open arms whenever you decide to visit.

This last weekend was a very busy weekend in Rockdale. The garage sales business seemed brusque and the goings on at Apache Pass kept everyone hopping. Business was definitely booming this weekend all over town.

The Chamber and the City are working on new websites that will be on line around the first of the year. This will be a great addition for the town in promoting Rockdale. There are such good things going on around here that I can hardly contain myself. When I think of the future of Rockdale I get excited. If you would like to get involved in Rockdale, call us and we’ll get you hooked up. It is only your community if you get involved.

Until next time I leave you with this.....talent is God-given, be humble. Fame is man-given, be grateful. Conceit is self-given, be careful.

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