Veterans Land Board and State of Texas to Ervin J. Hollas – 100 acres (v. 1,131, p. 50).

Warranty Deeds

Elizabeth J. Tindle to Veda O. Tindle – Lots 22-23, Block 2, Rowlett Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,130, p. 902).

Janne B. Penn aka Janne D. Penn, individually and as independent executrix, and Stephen F. Penn Estate to William R. Kelberlau – 213.66 acres, Punchard and Gwatney Surveys (v. 1,131, p. 30).

Carroll Eugene Warschak et al to John Charles Warschak – 10 acres, George B. Erath Survey A-160 (v. 1,131, p. 83).

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development and Single Family Property Disposition Branch – tract, Block 8, Charles Michalk Addition (v. 1,131, p. 125).

Nancy Lueanne Alford to Cynthia Jenson – 0.382 acre, William Allen Survey A-72 (v. 1,131, p. 205).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

S&V Partnership, Harry Vowell, attorney-in-fact and general partner, and Larry E. Sanders, general partner, to Maria Alfaro Bautista and Carlos Garay – 5.186 acres, T.S. Arnett Survey A-74 (v. 1,130, p. 839).

Michael Velmine Mitchel to Ross M. Towery – 1.62 acres, W.W. Lewis Survey (v. 1,131, p. 37).

S&V Partnership aka S&V Texas General Partnership, Harry D. Vowell, attorney-in-face and partner, and Larry E. Sanders, partner, to John Arp and Shelley Arp – 20 acres, Eliza Sante Survey A-317 (v. 1,131, p. 114).

Brandon T. Mackenzie and Marianne Mackenzie to Eric T. Kraimer and Rebecca Kraimer – 4.602 acres, J.J. Liendo Survey (v. 1,131, p. 127).

Special Warranty Deed

Harold John Lochow and Donna M. Lochow to Lochow Ranch Master Limited Partnership – 26.294 acres, Jackson and Turner Surveys (v. 1,130, p. 812).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Wayne S. Hubnik to Annissa Ann Drummond fka Anissa Ann Hubnik – 2 acres and 1 acre, Jose Leal Survey (v. 1,131, p. 52).

Warranty Deed Gifts Ruben M. Sanchez and Josephine S. Sanchez to Eva Marie Sanchez – part of Block 11, Terrells Addition, Cameron (v. 1,131, p. 65).

Lovie Harris to Willie K. Reed – Lot 17, Bigbee Addition (v. 1,131, p. 193).

Cash Warranty Deed

David Kaufmann and Pamela Kaufmann to Gujarat Fluorochemicals Americas LLC – 1 acre, David A. Thompson Survey A-398 (v. 1,131, p. 80).

Mineral Royalty Deed

Technicolor Minerals and Robert A. Helms, general partner, to Donald R. Horton, Mary Horton and Barefoot Minerals – 50 acres, James McLaughlin League (v. 1,130, p. 825).


Terri Laflair, Mount Zion Baptist Church and Odell Washington to Terri Laflair, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Odell Washington and public – 0.44 acre, Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,131, p. 88).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Bobby Copeland to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 67.0705 acres, James Dunn Survey A-146 (v. 1,130, p. 856).

James D. Savage, individually and as independent executor, and Nina Mildred Savage Estate to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 197.29 acres, James Dunn Survey (v. 1,130, p. 859).

Patricia Martinek to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 65.645 acres, James Dunn Survey A-146 (v. 1,130, p. 862).

Oil and Gas Lease

Doris Joy Zuehlke Family Trust, Floyd Zuehlke Sr., trustee, to Tor Energy LLC and Joe Shepperd – 83.99 acres, Jose Justo Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,130, p. 865).

Probate Case Filed

Michael Kornegay applied for the Margie Marie Kornegay Estate – letters of testamentary (PR10690).


Civil Cases Filed

Citibank (South Dakota) vs. Larry D. Charanza – consumer/ commercial debt.

Milam County vs. Gregory Mendoza et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Harold Hoffman et al – tax case.

Texas Medical Distributors Inc. vs. Positive Air Inc. – consumer/ commercial debt.

State Farm County Mutual Insurance Co. of Texas vs. Kimberly R. Lewis – injury, damage, motor vehicle.

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