‘Prosperity no matter cost’ should be motto

Dear editor,

Prosperity, no matter what the cost.

I feel this should be Rockdale’s new motto.

As I read about the Nocturnal Fest,” it shocked me. At least 50 arrests. These are the ones they caught. How many others slipped by without being caught?

Just to think of all the drunks, dopeheads, on our small highways, driving the streets. If that doesn’t put a little fear in your mind then nothing will.

A drunk driver can turn your life and world upside down in an instant. This doesn’t seem to enter the minds of those who would bring in such a evil thing.

So long as money is coming into the Rockdale area hang the morals, let us see the money.

I know that Rockdale needs new jobs, needs the economy lifted up, but there is a better way to get that, it’s called prayer. I know there are those who are praying for this, but, I also know there are those who choose Satan’s way, bring in the boozers, the drug heads, their way of thinking is “money is money, and we want it!”

The Bible speaks very plainly in the last days that some would call evil good, and good evil.

“Business was definitely booming all over town. There are such good things going on around here that I can hardly contain myself,” one columnist (business page) wrote.

Good things? With drunks and drugs, the “designer drug” ecstasy was recovered and what police said they believe to be LSD.

Police said the men were headed for the music fest.

Would you call these kinds of drugs coming into the Rockdale area a good thing? Would you call all the arrests and all the Rockdale police, the Highway patrol, and the Sheriffs department out in full force trying to protect the innocent hard working people of Rockdale a good thing?

No, it’s not a good thing, but it seems like the people who run Rockdale want prosperity no matter the costs.

The new websites should say “Come to Rockdale Texas, the city where anything goes. Our motto is, Prosperity, no matter what the cost.”

We have thrown out the true values of life and what matters in the eyes of a holy God,

Just show us the money. Billy Strelsky 890 County Road 309 Rockdale

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