‘Take a stand against Nocturnal Fest events’

Dear editor,

This letter is to express my concern over the Nocturnal Festival which was sprung on our county over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

I say “sprung” because it was not advertised locally for reasons unknown, but one can reasonably understand why they did not really want anyone locally to know about what was going to be taking place at Apache Pass.

I found this was a “Rave”. Wikipedia defines Rave as; “A term to describe dances and later acid house parties (often all night events) with fast-paced electronic music and light shows.”

The production company, Insomniac, touts this event as a big dance party with extraordinary light shows and great sound. Even extravagant fireworks displays.

This seems like a lot of trouble to go to have a big dance party.

What you need to understand is this is all centered on club drugs such as MDMA (also known as ecstasy), acid/ LSD, and more recently ketamine which are a dissociative class drug.

To me this is one of the most frightening drugs used by mostly older teens and young adults at these Rave parties. This drug at fully anesthetic level doses can induce a state of “dissociative anesthesia”.

Dissociatives are a class of drug which are said to reduce or block signals to the conscious mind from other parts of the brain. Although many kinds of drugs are capable of such action, dissociative drugs are unique in that they do so in such a way that they produce hallucinogenic effects.

I am sure you are tying this all together. This was nothing more than a place to go where you could get high and watch the pretty lights and fireworks while taking your drug induced trip to who knows where and dance to the loud music.

The really sad part is Apache Pass brought it here to our county. This is the part where we should stand and say ‘no!’ There is really no amount of money that is worth bringing this sort of thing to our home.

I am proud to live in Milam County. There is still at least a thread of innocence left here. I think that the folks here are, for the most part, people of decency and share a certain set of values that are not so common in large cities, at least not as a whole.

Our values have always been Christian in nature and I don’t think that those values were represented at Apache Pass Sept. 4-5.

I am asking the management of Apache Pass, please refrain from bringing this element of drug culture into our home again. You have a great venue that could be used in such a positive way. I do not believe you can make enough money to cover the cost of exposing our children, friends, and neighbors to this sort of depravity.

Maybe we should all look at the things we stand for and stand against in our own lives. Maybe the investors that put their hard earned money into the venture at Apache Pass should ask themselves, would I allow my children to participate in this event? If not, why would you expose your neighbors’ children to it?

I would welcome your comments, good or bad. I am curious to hear if there is anyone else that views this as I do or am I alone?

Scott Williams

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