Worried about effect of Nocturnal event

Dear editor,

Should Rockdale be supporting the annual Nocturnal Rave that was held at Apache Pass Sept. 4-5?

Many of our community leaders are praising the effect that this event will have on our economy and for future events to come like this one.

The founder of the venue is quoted, “ We want people to come here, have a good time...”

Has anyone asked the question “What kind of ‘good time’ is it?” I went first to the dictionary to find “nocturnal” meaning “of the night, in the night, occurring in the night”.

So, this is an event that occurs only in the night? There is an old and wise saying that says “ You can’t judge a book by it’s cover” and I applaud those who are asking the Rockdale citizens to not judge those “unfairly stereotyped” who dress differently.

But, what if you opened the book and read it’s contents, could you judge the book?

If you go to the events Insominiac website, w w w.nocturnalfestival. com, you can read and hear what they say they are and what they are about “in the night.”

The opening words to their promotion video are:

“Energy awaits you in this never ending night.

“Celebrate the darkness with sound and light.

“Escape to this underworld... “Let your soul take flight.


Yes, I’m concerned about the contents of this book/Nocturnal Fest. Does money overrule the “darkness” it brings? Is the “love of money” worth bringing this kind of event to our community?

Do we want the youth in our community to be “nocturnal”, of the night, “celebrating the darkness”? Are our concerns “ridiculous” as one young man—who attends parties, is “in the know”, who can tell us that drugs are bought and sold daily by our young people, wonders how it is that there are not more drug busts—and sits quietly at home on the weekends, tells us?

There were 12,000 attendees on Saturday and 13,000 on Sunday. If only 10 percent were using drugs, there could have been 1,200 drug users on Saturday night and 1,300 drug users on Sunday night.

Can our local law enforcement handle and oversee those 1,200- 1,300 law breakers each night?

There were at least 50 arrests for the weekend. Then 10 percent would equal 50 arrested out of a possible 2500 lawbreakers in a crowd of 25,000.

Why such large numbers? The promoter states the location is outstanding because it is situated between three major universities and can attract college students ready to party all night.

Look up “rave” on Wikipedia you will find the history of raves and you will find some “rave“ events were labeled acid house Raves because of their loud dance music, drug exploration, sexual promiscuity, and hedonism.

Under “drug use”, in Wikipedia you read that “mainstream media and law enforcement agencies have branded the subculture as a purely drug-centric culture (in the case of raves, usually pills and ecstasy) similar to the hippie movement in the 1960’s.

I am extremely concerned about our community welcoming these all night events.

People enjoy many different kinds of music, but this atmosphere is different. It promotes a “darkness” that I can not see to be healthy for our children or our community.

Go research for yourself and see what’s “in the book.”

Gaye Hawkins

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