Eric B. Ward and Wanch Inc. to David Keith Travis – Lots 27-36, Block F, Milam Oaks Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,131, p. 660).

Warranty Deeds

Kabb Land Inc., Ashley Smith, vice president, to Ashley Genee Smith – 41.73 acres, Monroe Edwards Survey A16 (v. 1,131, p. 713).

Oleta A. Noack Estate, Tom Alexa nder D eLeon, individually a nd as independent executor, to E.J. Provasek Revocable Trust and Joyce K. Provasek Revocable Trust, E.J. Provasek and Joyce K. Provasek, trustees – 1.5 acres (v. 1,131, p. 863).

Carolyn Dee Hafley and Valery Beard aka Valerie Beard to Travis N. Yoakum and Jane Yoakum – 1.579 acres, Jose Leal Survey (v. 1,131, p. 880).

R.O. Currey Estate, Kathleen C. Neville and Jackline C. Thornton, both individually and as independent coexecutrices, to George W. Malone and Irene Malone – Jose Leal Sur vey (v. 1,132, p. 43).

Fernando Flores to Richard E. Young – 0.12 a cre a nd 0.569 a cre, D. A . Thompson Survey (v. 1,132, p. 49).

Stanley James Budnik, David Larry Hodges and Theresa Hodges to Duong T. McFadden – 10.725 acres, John K. McLennan (v. 1,132, p. 68).

Laurence Laf fere II and Lanet te Peters to Billie Ruth Hance – Lots 8-9, Block 2, S.M. Burns Estate, Cameron (v. 1,132, p. 73).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Mary Sue Pardue, Jerry T. Pardue and Stacie Stewar t to Joann Barcak – part of Block 34, Smith Ackerman Green Addition (v. 1,131, p. 616).

Agnes A. McKittrick and Mar y K. Becker, attorney-in-fact, to Jose Belen Gonzales and Margarita Gonzales – part of Fred Rendor Addition, Cameron (v. 1,131, p. 812).

Beverly S. Patton to Darrel D. Chandler and Laurie C. Chandler – part of 20.0053 acres, Francisco Ruiz Survey A-54 (v. 1,131, p. 825).

Stanley Budnik, David Larry Hodges and Theresa Hodges to Virgil E. Wall and Heather Wall – 15 acres, John K. McLennan Survey (v. 1,132, p. 55).

Special Warranty Deed

Lester A. Vaughan and Dorothy F. Vaughan to Connie Johnson – Lots 2-3, Block 3, Terral Heights Subdivision No. 2 (v. 1,131, p. 653).

Substitute Trustee Deeds

Faye Pecht, substitute trustee, and Constance L. Hippel to Federal National Mortgage Association – Lot 1, Block 40, Rockdale (v. 1,131, p. 716).

John W. Latham, substitute trustee, to CitiMortgage Inc. – Garza, 713 Hogan Dr., Rockdale, and Lot 9, Block 4, Coffield Addition, Section 1 (v. 1,131, p. 869).

Rebecca Goeke, substitute trustee, to David F. Pohl – Arndt Byron and Melissa Jones v901, p3 (v. 1,131, p. 872).

Quitclaim Deeds

James V. Mancuso, successor trustee, and Barry Doss Living Trust (dated Dec. 3, 1991) to JSM Family Trust, James V. Mancuso and Stephanie A. Mancuso, trustees – 1/16th interest in 10 acres, George Dampkin Grant (v. 1,131, p. 678).

Arizona Grant to Barbara K. White – Lots 28-33, Block 1, Rowlett Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,131, p. 689).

Distribution Deeds

Charles T. Newton Jr. Estate, Patricia Florine Crady and George Edward Crady, independent co-executors, to Charles Newton 2008 Revocable Trust and Flo Crady Revocable Trust 2008, Patricia Florine Crady and George Edward Crady, co-trustees – 239.57 acres, Ferdinand Rodriguez Survey A-53, and 1,484.33 acres, Fernando Rodriguez Survey (v. 1,131, p. 854).

Charles New ton Revocable Trust 2008 and Flo Crady Revocable Trust 2008, Patricia Florine Crady and George Edward Crady, co-trustees, to Newton Family Trust (dated Feb. 11, 2008), Patricia Florine Crady and George Edward Crady, co-trustees – Lots 7-10, Block 64, Burnett Addition, Milano (v. 1,131, p. 859).

Memorandum Leases

S&V Partnership, Harry Vowell, attorney-in-fact and general par tner, and Larry E. Sanders, general partner, to Metropolitan Water Co. LP and Metropolitan Water Co. of Texas LLP GP, Betty Carlson, vice president – 5.889 acres, 8.987 acres, 6.42 acres and 9.491 acres, T.S. Arnett Survey A-74; 8.716 acres, 7.463 acres, 13.703 acres, 14.272 acres and 17.316 acres, James Reese Survey A-303 (v. 1,131, p. 763, 768, 773, 778, 783, 788, 793, 798, 803).

Florence I. Gibson Family Partnership LP and Peter C. Gibson Jr. Family Partnership LP, Peter C. Gibson Jr., managing partner, to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 1,508.33 acres, John Gafford Survey A-23 (v. 1,131, p. 838).

Susan Gibson Halpin to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 195.7199 acres, F. Ruiz Survey (v. 1,131, p. 840).

Joseph Michael Gibson to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 195.7199 acres, F. Ruiz Survey (v. 1,131, p. 841).

Janet Elizabeth Hansen to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 195.7199 acres, F. Ruiz Survey (v. 1,131, p. 842).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases Elizabeth Bonnet Brinsmade to Exploration Techniques – 310.4 acres, A.M. Tandy 1/3 League Survey A-354 (v. 1,131, p. 655).

Frank T. Barnett and Robbie Barnett to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 295.793 acres and 9.513 acres, Eliza Sante Survey A-210 (v. 1,131, p. 657).


Civil Cases Filed

Texas Medical Distributors vs. John David Ruffier et al – consumer/commercial debt.

Citibank (South Dakota) vs. Crespin Carrazales – consumer/commercial debt.

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