Form good relationships with customers
Denice Doss
Fall began last week and with it came cool weather. What a wonderful change and such a lift from the hot days we have been experiencing. As the fall months continue on we are fast approaching the holidays and all of the activity that comes with it. Football season is in full swing and the Rockdale Fair is two weeks away. What a busy time but a fun time too.

I know you are all getting those items ready for the Home Economics division from collections, which is what I love to do, to your baked goods to your craft items. The information for the entire fair is at www. and you can get everything from applications to information about the categories and activities for the weekend.

I went to a great meeting last week called Sales Magic. The speaker, Tom Britton, had some great idea for selling and promoting your business. In this day of competition it is more important than ever before to put a positive spin on your business to bring in the customer. Some of his suggestions in marketing business included making the customer get a real glimpse of what you are providing.

For example if you are a photographer you are not selling photos, you are making memories, if you are in the restaurant business you are in the business of promoting the social experience or reward and comfort, if you are in the financial business you are helping people realize their dreams. You get the idea? People need to realize the value of what you as a business person are offering. So take some time and think about what your business’s strengths are and put an upbeat benefit to what you offer.

He also said that of our five senses we use our sight the most. That means that your place of business is most affected by what your store looks like, what your displays look like and what your product looks like. That information tells us it is very important to put a good face forward for your customers.

Another good piece of advice was how to keep us before our customers. Stay on their minds using emails, phone calls, handwritten notes, send cookies, and make non-selling visits just to name a few. Forming a good relationship with your customers will keep those customers coming back and even if your price is a little higher a good relationship will retain your customers. Good information for promoting your business.

Until next time I leave you with this.....Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

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