‘Health’ main reason antique store closed

Dear editor,

I attended the Planing & Zoning Commission meeting Thursday, September 16. For those of you that did not care to attend, I would like to bring you up to date.

The main thrust of the meeting was to move on a motion, to reverse the city council’s decision last year, that re-zoned FM 908 (Main Street) and FM 487 (Ackerman).

I understand the Master Plan for the City of Rockdale, calls for these streets to be business thoroughfares.

As the discussion began, committee members mentioned that this re-zoning was done to “accommodate” an antique shop.

That statement is incorrect.

If they had done this to “accommodate” an antique shop, they would have only approved Ackerman Street and by only one block to a C-1 classification.

The rezoning in the manner it was approved, (C-2), was done for the contribution to growth in Rockdale, and not to “accommodate” an antique shop.

Then as the discussion matured, one member made the statement “and as I understand, that business has failed.”

This was an erroneous comment so, for everyone that cares, a major health issue was the primary reason for closing the business.

I would certainly like to think that the Zoning Commission would have much more progressive ideas on their agenda, than to backslide towards past times.

There are many operating businesses located along Ackerman and Main Streets now, and if given the chance this area would blossom into a nice contribution for Rockdale.

Elaine Van Horn,

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