‘Nocturnal’ guests were polite and well-behaved

Dear editor,

I’ve read the negative letters about Nocturnal Fest and what struck me is that several of them had to use the dictionary or Wikipedia to describe the event.

Not one of these people seemed to actually meet anyone or knew anyone that was attending the event. Their knowledge of the event was based on things they read.

We had over 200 of these Nocturnal Fest attendees stay at our RV Park on Labor Day Weekend.

This group of young adults was very polite and very respectful of the regular residents in my park.

They called me Miss Mona and many times they thanked me for opening up our park to include campers, which we don’t normally do.

I did not see one person doing drugs and I was there from the time they came until they left on Monday.

I did not see one person high, stoned or acting like they may have been under the inf luence of some drug.

When they left they bagged up their trash and many of them hugged me when they said goodbye.

These young adults only had good things to say about our fair town and it is a shame that the opposite cannot be said, especially when these negative comments are coming from people who they never even met.

Yes, this event did have a positive economic impact but it also put my faith back into the younger generation.

I didn’t know what they would be like and I was very nervous about loud noise, drug use and the disruption of the usually quiet surroundings, that my tenants have gotten used to.

When the Nocturnal Fest attendees came back from their event, it stayed quiet. Not one person played loud music or talked loudly.

I talked to all of my regular tenants to make sure that the Nocturnal campers were not disturbing any of them and not one had a complaint.

In fact, many of my tenants had talked to the Nocturnal campers and had the same opinion that I did, which was that they were polite, respectful and they cleaned up after themselves.

Yes, there were some arrests but when you judge a group of people by what a small percent of that group did, it’s called prejudice.

Mona Zimmerman 987 US 79 West Rockdale

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