Mom sees Girl’s floor for first time in 5 years!
Kathy Cooke
The husband and I are back from depositing “The Girl” in Savannah. We had a great time there. I highly recommend visiting.

The trip was long. I mean long, like endless. We drove because we had to take all of Kennedy’s stuff with us. And the husband insisted on driving the whole time.

The problem with that is that I am a morning person and he is a night owl. So at 3 a.m. he is wide awake and saying things like “I can make it to Mobile.”

I finally threatened to get Kennedy’s stun gun from the back seat so he figured that he had better pull over and get a hotel room.

Kennedy’s received some parting gifts from her loving sister, Katie Grace, in the form of some mace and a stun gun.

I shudder to think of these weapons in Kennedy’s hands but Katie wanted to be sure she was going to be safe in Savannah.

The food in Sava nna h, of course, was wonderful! We ate at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons Restaurant and The Crab Shack on Tybee Island, all excellent.

SCAD is amazing and she is having a wonderful time. I admit that I called her (at least once) every day for about the first 10 days.

In my defense, there were a lot of details that we needed to work out over the phone. Then the details were all worked out and I called her anyway.

I did really well on the way home. It was when I got home and went in and sat down on her bed that it started to sink in that she was really gone.

Mostly because, first of all, I could sit on her bed at all. It was actually made and there weren’t any clothes or knives on it. (She’s not an actual terrorist, she sells Cutco knives.)

But the saddest part was when I sat on her bed and looked at her floor and realized that I hadn’t seen it for about 5 years.

I knew it was a wooden floor because we have wood floors in most of the house, but her floor was different. Yes, it was wood.

But it had also been painted. Not pretty paint, like it had been done on purpose. No, this was more like someone had been painting and had laid their paint brush right on the floor between brush strokes.

There was also Sharpie marker marks and blobs of some kind of weird industrial nuclear-strength glue.

I believe that someone had also been ironing, not on an actual ironing board, but on the floor and had laid the iron right on the floor.

There was also confetti, glitter and just some plain old dirt. Also I found around 10,000 water and Fuze bottles and around 47 cups of various size, many with some sort of bacteria growing inside.

Sniff! That’s when I really started missing her.

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