Midseason report card brings changes

Coaches are a hard headed lot and would rather take a sharp stick in the eye than admit that they were wrong or that something isn’t quit working out.

Take for example Les Miles at LSU or Mac Brown at Texas, who suddenly turned into Claude Rains (The Invisible Man) after the Horns loss to Oklahoma.

The man who claims to ignore newspaper reports and statistical data and then turns around and can recite all his streaks and trends by heart was not his usual chatty self Saturday afternoon.

And someone please buy Miles a stopwatch.

Give big props to Rockdale Coach Jeff Miller for recognizing that the Tigers needed a makeover and for taking steps to correct it.

A lot of coaches would have gone down with the ship before admitting such a thing.

The Tigers were presented with a formidable task of replacing a replacement quarterback when projected starter Tyler Wright moved away.

Jeff Miller has taken the week off to tweak the passing game. Jeff Miller has taken the week off to tweak the passing game. Enter sophomore Ethan Brinkley, who was slated as the Tigers quarterback of the future, just not the near future.

Not fair to him or the team.

Also, Brinkley hasn’t got much support from the receiving corps which has about as many drops as he does completions.

Coming into this season, the returnees on the woefully inexperienced unit had exactly one catch between them.

Brinkley has a strong arm, throws a a good ball and has shown great poise in a near impossible situation he has been thrust in to.

Rockdale features a massive front line on offense (235- pound average) and they are going to need to start manhandling some defensive fronts to allow speedy running back Daniel Brooks to get to the edge and sprint down the field.

The Tigers have of course hung their hats on their defense, which is tops in District 23-3A, allowing just over 150 yards a game and just 70 on the ground.

Linebackers Derek David, Markus Hayes and defensive back Casey Burrough have led the charge, but the offense is going to have to give the defense a breather every once in a while, especially since six defenders also play on offense.

And if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, defense wins championships.

Let’s hope so.

The 5ive

In memor y of Rockdale’s late-great drive-in movie, in an expanded version, here are the most memorable movies shown at the (Un) Reel during the 70s:

1. Swedish Fly Girls (1971)

2. Truck Stop Mamas (1972)

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

4. 99 Women (1973)

5. Barbarella (1968)

6. Stacy and her Gangbusters (1973)

7. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974)

8. Fly Me (1973)

9. Superchick (1973) 10. Weekend with the Babysitter (1970)

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