Milano residents too smart for scammers

A con artist attempted to victimize a Milano resident, but it did not work.

Watch for an announcement from “Overland Securities Inc.” claiming its international claims department is in Toronto.

This scan was addressed to Jane Yoakum. and announces she is a declared winner of the “American and London Sweepstakes Shoppers Lottery held July 19.

The letter states that many attempts were made to locate the Yoakums, but all attempts failed. She is still entitled to $125,000.

The letter says there were 33 winners selected from a random computer ballot system: Jane and 32 others were picked out of the 500,000 names entered into the system

Wow, How lucky can you get.

Enclosed is a (fake) check for $3,975. The amount was “taken from her winnings, so she could pay government taxes.”

The letter says It is illegal for the Claims Department to pay the taxes because of the ”insurance bond policy coverage”. The taxable amount sum is $2,975 and must be paid through the Western Union directly to the tax agent.

Jane was instructed not to cash the check before contacting the claims department. A number, and name, are given for her to call.

The check is cleverly done. It looks very official and authentic on front and back. Many people would not think the check counterfeit at first view. It could fool some tellers at the bank, also.

It is the individual’s responsibility when presenting a check to the bank. The bank assumes it is cashable because you deposited it.

The bank will take the necessary action to correct the error and you will lose, rightfully so. To find fault with the bank makes as much sense as blaming the law officer who pulled you over for speeding.

These crooks should be located and locked up. That is simple and easy to say, but take a minute to reflect.

The letter came from Toronto Canada; the check is on a bank in Littleton, Colorado and the money come from a business in Iowa. What law enforcing agency would have the jurisdiction to investigate and arrest these criminals?

Janes husband, Travis, is a member of the Milam County TRIAD’s S.A.L.T. (Seniors and Lawmen Together) committee.

Travis has been a member for years and is presently serving as secretary. Is it any surprise that this letter was recognized immediately as a scam?

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