Fake Navy vets organization investigated
Ted Hubert
Please vote. The shameful fact is less than 20 percent of the registered voters in the United States will visit the polls.

November is a time to think of this “land of the brave”, after all, Voting on Nov. 2, celebrating Nov. 11 as Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Nov. 25, all focus on this wonderful nation.

Citizens gripe and complain, but this country is the best on earth. We support our troops: Men and women that place their lives on the line so we can enjoy our freedoms. Many of our exmilitary are walking the streets, homeless.

Many veterans need assistance when they return to civilian life. It is not an easy adjustment.

Our hearts go out to these brave soldiers, but some see opportunities to take unfair advantage of the situation.

Have you heard of the Navy Veterans Association?

This organization collected tens of millions of dollars as a charity to sent packages overseas to our military and to help with financial needs to naval employees when hard times hit. The NVA organized in 2003 and Bobby Thompson (aka Ronnie Brittain) heads the non-profit organization.

The doors closed on Sept. 24 and its leader can not be found.

The authorities did find Blanca Contreras. Contreras flew from Florida to North Carolina and was arrested last Sunday. Contreras is reported to be a single mom with close ties to NVA.

The Navy Veterans Association is located in 41 of the 50 states. Presently seven states have filed charges against the N VA and hope to recover funds donated in the respective states.

One of the scam artists showed anger when the lady asked some question about the N VA and yelled “don’t you want to support our troops?” and then disconnected the call.

Another case the solicitor asked for donations toward completion of the Vietnam Wall Memorial. One woman answered the door to find a man with a note explaining his inability to speak due to an injury that is service related.

The woman was given a brochure that told of the soldier’s need of financial assistance.

She wanted to find a telephone number, so she could verify the charity. The longer she read the more nervous the man became. He grabbed the notice and left.

A mother still grieving the death of her son, contributed in honor of her son.

Criminals taking money under false pretenses, such as these, are among the lowest form of thieves.

Would you like to read more about this scam and see the picture of Lt. Commander Bobby Thompson?

Go to this website: http://www. news/8065093.

Ted Har t, a spokesperson for the Ohio Attorney General Office said the real name for the U.S. Navy Veterans Association’s director is neither Bobby Thompson nor Ronnie Brittain.

These identities were stolen. The authorities are putting the pieces of this puzzle together now.

Remember, con artists are smart people with winning personalities. Keep your guard up.

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