The passion of Jesus
Calvary Baptist Church
Remember the movie “The Passion?” Did you get angry at the centurions who were at the crucifixion? But then you focus on Jesus’ words, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

This movie brought forth the determination of Jesus to endure until the full price was paid. Jesus could have called a halt to it all at any time. He could have stopped it in the garden when he said, “Father, let this cup pass from me.”

He was suffering the kind of pain that we can never know, but he arose from the ground, stood tall and brought forth that strength from His heart, soul and Spirit that crushed the serpent’s head.

There have been times that I have been hurt, which are nothing compared to what Jesus endured. When I realize that Jesus did all He did for all of us, but He would have done the same thing if it had only been me, then I am truly thankful.

Even through the scourging, the road to the cross and the cross itself, Jesus’ love and determination showed through the pain. Before Jesus’ mother asked the question, “How long will you let this go on before you stop it,” she knew the answer. She knew that if He called a halt before the full price was paid, His life would have all been in vain.

When things get rough and we want to quit, we need to call upon the strength of our Savior, because if we get right up to the point of success and quit, then our efforts are in vain.

Are you to the point in your life that you want to give up? Don’t. There is a saying, “Just tie a knot and hang on.” Well, you don’t have to tie the knot. Jesus did that for you. He is our sustainer. All we have to do is trust in Him and he will make everything right. So many times we make the mistake of trying to make things right ourselves. We cannot do it by ourselves, but with the help of Christ, we can do all things.

When the centurion—who had beaten Jesus, spit upon Him and cursed Him—looked on the face of Jesus, he recognized the forgiveness that was extended to him at that moment.

Are we able to show that kind of love to our fellow man? Can we say to someone who has hurt us, “Father, forgive them?” Sometimes I can’t. But I strive to reach that point. And when we have reached that point, we will only have obtained a minute fraction of the love that Jesus extends toward us.

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