Former Rockdale dentist draws income tax evasion indictments

Dr. Rinn Dr. Rinn A former local dentist, who still resides in Rockdale, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on three counts of income ta x evasion.

Dr. John R . Rinn was arrested at his home Thursday and taken before federal Magistrate Judge Andrew Austin, in Austin for his initial appearance on the charges.

He will be arraigned on Thursday, Oct. 28.

Michael Lemoine, special agent for the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) San Antonio Field Office said the charges allege Dr. Rinn stopped paying federal income tax in 1995 and “willfully attempted to evade and defeat the payment” of income taxes.

Dr. R inn said he has been indicted for “breaking a law that does not even exist” and charged the IRS is “attempting to characterize me to the local community as a criminal.”

INDICTME NT— indictment alleges Dr. R inn owes $143,090 in income tax for 1995-2000, $6,656 for 2004 and $47,783 for 2005.

The indictments also allege he filed “false and fraudulent” W-4 forms and documents with the Milam County Clerk.

It also alleges he concealed the amount, true nature, source, extent and disposition of income by placing it in the name of an entity controlled by him.

It is also alleged that Dr. Rinn concealed proceeds he received upon the sale of an Affordable Dentures franchise he operated in Waco by assigning it to a “nominee” entity he controlled.

‘SHOW ME THE LAW’— Dr. Rinn maintains he does not owe the income tax.

“I have been indicted for breaking a law that does not even exist,” he told The Reporter. “This has been a 15-year ordeal where I have been told by US agents that I must ‘voluntarily’ pay a tax that no United States law even specifies.”

“Over several years I wrote about 15 let ters to t he IR S, through my attorney, asking to be shown the law that applied to me and other Americans,” he said.

“I affirmed that if they would show me the law I would immediately file returns for the years in question and pay any tax due,” he said. “None of the letters was ever answered and they have steadfastly refused to show me that law at any time since.”

SIXTH AMENDMENT— The indictment begins by quoting the Sixth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, ratified in 1913, which empowers Congress to “lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived.

It goes on to allege that Dr. Rinn has been “involved with several groups of individuals and entities, who have been found to promote well-known nationwide tax-evasion schemes.”

The indictments lists those groups as including American Rights Litigators (ARL), which it says had power of attorney for Dr. Rinn, Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information and the Southern Oregon Resource Center Educational Services.

SHACKLES—“ I was about to eat breakfast on my porch swing Thursday morning when two government cars wheeled into my driveway,” Dr. Rinn said.

“I was cuffed, hands behind my back, along with ankle shackles. I was treated as a dangerous criminal who was a threat to society,” he said.

“I can’t expect anyone to simply believe my side of the story as being true,” Dr. Rinn said. “People who know me well are aware that I am an honest and law-abiding man who has never been in trouble.”

“Unfortunately the corrupt force that claims to be our government has totally run amok,” he said.

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