Thanks for support of El Camino Real

Dear editor,

I want to thank all the people involved in Milam County hosting the annual meeting of El Camino Real de los Tejas National Trail Association last week.

They include the Milam County Historical Commission, Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, Rockdale Downtown Association, Rockdale Historical Society, Linwood Acres Garden Club, Lucy Hill Patterson Library.

Also, Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Glaser, First Baptist Church, Gifted and Talented Students at Rockdale Intermediate School (fifth) graders, Rockdale Junior-High School, Rockdale Signs and Photography, Len Kubiak (stor y teller).

A lso, Re-enactors from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, (Don Sims, Gus Coehlo, Theresa Alvarez), Randy Billingsley, Carole Simank.

Also, Chief Rufus Davis, Caddo Chief; Joe Ochoa and his son, Mescalaro Apaches; Cherokees from Frank lin and from the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

Chief Davis of the Adais Caddo Indian Nation in Louisiana told cultural stories and legends. He led the Native Americans in ceremonial dances.

The late archeolog ist Dr. Kathleen Gilmore was recognized for being “The Voice of the Missions”.

The Milam County Historical Commission working with Texas Historical Commission published her masters thesis second printing this year.

This book can be purchased from the County Historical Commission. It documents the history of the three missions, Apache Pass, and the garrison/presidio which is still under study.

Events were held at Apache Pass. The Thursday morning meeting was held in the soon to be open restaurant, and the outdoor activities were along the river bank. Milam County has six high potential sites of historical significance along the 1691 route of the trail.

This event brought people to this area from parts of the 40 counties on the four routes of El Camino Real de los Tejas National Trail.

Eight National Parks Service staff members brought information on the comprehensive plan, GPS mapping the trail information, cultural landscapes, trail signage, National Trail logo, and Native American liaison.

The Comprehensive Management Plan and the Signage Plan were distributed.

A very special thank you to Kit and Linda Worley and their family for allowing us to use this sight for this meeting and for providing a ride across the pass in a tractor-pulled trailer, with the added attraction of hearing the oral histories passed down through the ownership of Worley history.

The historic national trail is part of the early history of Milam County and the citizens now have an authentic account of who, where, how and why this history is recognized. This event brought tourists into the area for a two night stay which helps the economy of our small rural towns.

Go by the Lucy Hill Patterson Library and view the traveling Photography of the trail, sponsored by the National Parks Service and Chris Talbott who traveled the trail and took pictures, a pictorial of the trail today.

Joy Graham

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