Corn association wants high fructose corn syrup to get sweet new name

High fructose corn syrup has been getting bad press for a while now. Food manufacturers are pulling it out of some products, and everyone from soccer moms to nutritionists are blaming obesity rates on consumption of corn syrup. Is this sweetener really at the root of obesity?

While the nutritional value or detriment of corn syrup is still open for debate, companies that manufacture high fructose corn syrup are trying to rename the product to give it a better public relations spin. The Corn Refiners Association wants to change its name to corn sugar, after consumption of the sweetener reached a 20-year low.

The corn syrup industry is already using the name in advertising and seeking the approval for the name change from the Food and Drug Administration. Such approval could take as long as two years.

The C or n Ref iners A ssociat ion claims sugar is sugar, whether it comes from sugar cane or corn. The body uses it the same way, and corn syrup and cane sugar are nutritionally the same. That means the products that contain sugar are just as likely to contribute to obesity as those with corn syrup.

Sugars are found in many products, including cereals, pickles, breads, and even pet foods. Nutritionists urge individuals to cut down on consumption of all sugary products for a healthier diet.

It is still unsure whether “corn sugar” will be adopted and whether consumers w ill be “fooled” by the name change. If history repeats itself, it just may be a boon to the corn industry.

When “prunes” were changed to “dr ied plums,” the fr uit was more warmly received. A lthough public relations officials deny that the former Kentucky Fried Chicken was changed to K FC to limit usage of the word “fried,” connoting unhealthy foods, the name change did help alter the image of the chicken, though how much or how little is likely impossible to calculate.

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