Fake bank warning is just ‘phishing’ expedition
Ted Hubert
A scam e-mail recently, supposedly sent from Wachov ia national Bank, was recently sent to a resident of Milam County.

It begins “Dear Customer”.

It is important to notice the party receiving the e-mail was not personally named.

There is no telling how many people were on the con artist’s mailing list, but this greeting would fit all.

Then the body of the e-mail explains the purpose of the contact. It states:

“Your account access has been suspended for security reasons. You are kindly advised to follow the instructions.

An “update form is attached to the e-mail with instructions to download it, open it, and follow steps on the screen.

Data submitted supposedly would be transmitted over an SSL encrypted connection (128 bit Secure Socket Layer) and it is signed off with a catch-all closing “Wachovia Bank, a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Member FDIC© 2010 Wells Fargo.

It is very difficult to check on people when no names are given.

The greeting and closing of this e-mail should give warning that things are not right here, so proceed with a high degree of caution.

The clever method used to gather data from those receiving this phishing exhibition is found in the attachment.

It says: “Restore your account. You have received this form because your Wachovia account has been suspended for security reasons.

“If you are the rightful owner of this account, please fill out this form and click ‘submit’ in order to restore it.”

It then asks for your check card number and ATM card numbers.

If you received one of these e-mails, do not respond.

In this case it is asking you to “submit” your personal banking data. It is a phishing exhibition because the person getting the e-mail probably has an account w ith the Wachov ia National bank.

But the e-mail is a scam. It did not come from Wachovia.

Wachovia National bank does serve Texas, however, most of its business is found on the east coast.

Milam County Triad’s purpose is to alert its members of scams, frauds and schemes.

It can’t do the job alone. You must get involved, so spread the word.

Word of mouth is an excellent way to educate members of our family, friends and strangers, as far as that goes.

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