Random thoughts are better than no thoughts at all
Kathy Cooke
Isn’t this weather amazing? I love it, it feels great outside. I just can’t seem to stay awake past 8 p.m. and keep waking up at 4 or 5 a.m.

So by the time it’s time to go to work, I am ready to go back to bed.

Okay time to brag. Grandson Reese, of course the most advanced 9 month old ever, was standing in the bath tub last night and playing peek-aboo with the shower curtain. Does anyone have the number for Guiness World Book of Records?

I got a lot of nice compliments about my column from last week so thank you for that. I have one that I want to add, this one is my own.

Why is it that I can sing perfectly on pitch and in tune when I am in my car listening to a tape or the radio, but when I get out of the car, still singing as I walk into a store, it sounds completely different?

I’m talking about the louder the music plays, the better I sound. Just today I was giving Bette Midler a run for her money and I am not even kidding.

It must be that I am really getting into the music in the car and am missing that when I turn it off. Or maybe the acoustics are just so much better inside the car. That has to be it, right? It’s a real mystery.

Husband is really into music. In fact, I’d call it a sickness. Everywhere we go, which includes every stinking Goodwill known to man, he either buys a music CD or a DVD or both. Not to mention all the basketball crap. I told him I’m going to call that “Hoarders” show and make him go on it and cry in front of everybody. He didn’t seem too worried.

But right now he is into vintage Prince. Now I like me some Prince, especially his old stuff, you know back when his name was Prince, not “comma” or “asterick” or whatever the heck it was. I think he’s gone back to Prince but I am not really sure.

Anyway, I like his vintage stuff, but it got me to thinking. Bill says this is always where I get into trouble but I like doing it every now and then anyway.

What in the whole wide world made us all think that a 5 foot one inch, weighs 95 pounds soaking wet, dresses like a girl performer, was so darn sexy?

I mean come on, think about it. It’s like we didn’t care that he could have been on one of those “Little People” reality shows, that he has probably never paid the adult price to get in to see a movie or legally purchase alcohol and cigarettes, that he still shops at the children’s section.

But we thought he was so fine. Go figure.

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